Feeling Everyday Like You`ve Dug The Potato Fields Manually When You`re Only Up An Hour.

i was 24 (summer 2010) when i started getting stabbing, burning and aching pain widespread pain radiating from my mid upper back i could barely get out of bed with the chronic fatigue. going to work was agonising. i was diagnosed 5 mths later by my doc. She presribed amitriptyline and this did not agree with me.It made the fatigue 100 times worse and i felt zombie ish. i suffered migranes and urinary tract infections and urinary frequency, dysparenua (burning during intercourse)stabbing pain in midback, burning in hips, legs, knees, compounded feeling in my chest, bloating and pulling sensations in my abdomen, extremally painful menstrual cycles , severe sensitivity to the cold.My health and life as it were, was slipping away. In April 2012 I underwent a laparoscopy (minor surgery to investigate the abdominal symptoms - it turned out that i had abdominal adhesion (rope like scar tissue) growing inside me fusing my organs together. the surgeon separated them. The depression and anxiety i have suffered as a consequence is something else. The same month a rheumatologist diagnosed me with raynaud`s phenomenon and oesteoarthritis of the knees. The emotional pain for me is just as excruciating as the others.
get rid of you doctor if they make you feel inferior. find a good psychologist who deals with pain management. join a support group.
pacing yourself is so important. fantasy sex helped me handle the pain and reach ****** during intercourse. you deserve pleasure.electric blanket, hot water bottle, heat patches e.g. voltorol (non medicinal) Versatis medicated patches (perscription required)tramadol on and off for pain and to treat migrane. dressing your best and looking after your hair, skin and having a super healthy diet helps gain back control. cut out junk. take glucosamine chondroitin for the joints and milk thistle and cranberry capsules from health food shop if you suffer with UTI`s. i am not on any longterm medication - i just take paracetamol from time to time.
get pleasure in a healthy way - you have to rely on your inner strength and just allow yourself to cry buckets. I don`t think i`ll ever get over the loss of the last 2 and a half years, the loss of the old me who could do anything and had so many hobbies and so much energy. its a huge cross to bare and managing the fibro along with the others is very difficult. The worst is getting infections - weak immunity - i pick up everything..
I`m holding down a Teaching job and i am getting married July 2013 (6months time) I dont kno what the future holds but i intend to continue to travel and see the world and go out dancing with my friends. I do cognitive behavioural therapy on myself when feel myself sinking into terrible despair. Good luck everybody. lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Jan 15, 2013