Fibro For Years

i have had this for a long time.everyday is different.somedays theres so much pain all i can do is cry. other days can't move. cant walk. stairs are a nightmare.and then there is the migraines. and ibs .dizzyness that is amazing. you feal like a top.nausea that is crazy.. and it makes you crazy.then once in a while you get a good day. i can go shopping. but i will pay for it. takes me 2 days to recp.i also know some things that help me...i knitt. chrochet. and cross stitch. keeping you mind happy is very very good for you.i do have children at home yet 9 yrs 11 yrs and 12 yrs. and on good days i can do some crafts with them. only do what you feal you can do. i also test positive for lupis. so i try to stay out of the sun and try do do things on cloudy and rainy days. i love them.. it is cooler out. i cant take the heat ether..the best thing is to learn what you can do and can't do. and learn to say no. then you can rest and maybe have a better day tomorrow.
46-50, F
2 Responses May 27, 2007

Hi Maria38 I too have fibro,kids and love to knit crochet and stitch :)<br />
I helps to make some thing beautiful dosen't it.

Hi your problem has solution go