Fybromyalgia - An Unbelieving Story

I was diagnosed with Fybromyalgia a couple of years ago in a weird way.  After many trips to the doctor (following my husband's heart attack) and trying to explain all of my aches and pains, the doctor takes out one of his books, copies a page and tells me that it sounds like I have Fybromyalgia.  He says that I might want to read this.  And that was that.  Everything else that I have since learned, I have done so through the Internet.  It is very difficult trying to explain to a friend or family member why I feel tired all of the time, why giving the dog a bath can be very exhausting and walking the mall for more than an hour can knock me out for the rest of the day and possibly the next.  It sometimes takes its toll on my married life.  My husband is understanding - some of the times.  I think he too gets tired of hearing "Not tonight Dear".  But how do you explain that your entire body hurts. Every muscle, joint - right down to your fingertips.  A full night's sleep is a thing of the past.  Please reply if you get any of the following symptoms.  While the Internet has been helpful, it would be nice to hear from other persons with Fybromyalgia so I know that I'm not going crazy.  I have met only 1 other person with this condition.  No one else has ever heard of it. These feelings are not all at once and not everyday.  I have good days, not so good days and horrible days.  I have been able to continue working. They are just a summary of feelings:

A tightness in the chest. (Not heart related - had a stress test done, been to the ER 3X.  The best they came up with was digestive problems - which I read is also related to FMS)

Sometimes feeling that I can't take a deep breath along with a tight feeling along my diaphragm.

Pain in my calves as if I did some aerobic exercising. Cramps.

Periodic painful menstruation. Did tests for fybroids which came back negative.

Constant pain from elbows to wrists.  Dr. says carpel tunnel.

Headaches.  Sometimes one side of my scalp would feel tingly and sometimes painful to the touch as if I hit my head and forgot that I did.

Muscle twitching.  It can vary.  From an eye constantly jumping, to a rib muscle, to a shoulder muscle.

Tingling in the tips of toes and fingers.

Pain in joints - eg. shoulders, hips, knees. Sometimes painful to the touch.

Tiredness/fatigue.  Sometimes just washing the dishes can be a real chore.

Irritable bowel syndrome

Anxiety - a feeling sometimes that you're about to get an anxiety attack.  Racing heartbeat and a weird sensation in the left arm and left leg.  I thought once I was getting a stroke but once I relaxed and ate I felt better a couple of hours later.  I almost thought that I would have to go the ER again but talked myself out of it as my son was due for his College Audition that afternoon.  I realized that it was because I was stressed out by the whole College thing and the drive there etc. 

Actually feeling my pulse at the back of neck or along my spine.  Similar to that feeling you get when you put on a bandage too tight.  Very weird and unnerving. 

Susceptible to changes in the weather/room temperatures.  Always feeling cold.  I used to kid around with a girl in the office about her having a heater under a desk - we live in Florida!  I used to have a fan.  It has now been switched to a heater.  Sometimes the a/c gets very cold.  The malls are too cold and so is the supermarket.  It is pathetic!

So if you could share your experience with me on FMS, I would appreciate it.  Just knowing what other people experience would be comforting. Thanks.

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Have had fybro for 25yrs still managed to work i have 3 children now all grown my condition has worsened over yrs i am now in a disability pension for past 10yrs i am only 58 feel and look 68 .my first husband was a work aholoic couldnt understand my pain at all my second husband is a darling he suffers rheumatoid arthritis and lupus so knows exactly how i feel .i rarely have a whole good day and currently in bed after an exhausting trip away to see grandchildren . I take panadol austeo 3x a day a drug called lyrica and 3mg prednesone which is a steroid i boil in summer freeze in winter i also have gut isures if not constipated i am running toilet have not made it on several occasions my pain at the moment is horrendous so you certainly not mad i got to the stage i dont tell anyone but my husband and dr people are ignorant just hope doesnt hapoen to them cheers P

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i can relate to you very well my dear. Get your self a good chinese Herbalist and you will be on your way. there is no cure in conventional medicine but there is in chinese as they treat the cause of problems not signs and symtoms. magnetic plasters saves my life cannot go a day without them ( can get on ebay). Posture stretching excercises are brilliant. Google the trigger points for fibromyalgia and apply pressure fo 30 secs. Thats how i save my life on a day to day basis. The chinese herbs are doing wonders for my energy levels and general health. Good Luck!

I have had every one of these symptoms and even strange burning in arms feet and legs! Totally understand what u and everyone here at this site is going through...hoping one day there will be a cure for us!

I have all of these symptoms. I have had many tests done including full MRI. These ruled out other conditions and my physician said she thinks I have fibromyalgia. I can't believe how accurately you have described my symptoms!

Thanks for sharing. It really helps knowing that I am not going crazy.

I have the tingling sensations and I sweat alot I can sleep for ten hours and when I awake it feels like I have the flu my knees always hurt also my muscles twitch so bad sometimes my whole body jerks I know what you are going through

It's a pain in the rear, isn't it? Right now I have had a twitching muscle on my cheek for the past week. Very annoying. I have reached the stage that I look at FB like a visitor who has overstayed his welcome. It was suggested trying Litozin by another FB sufferer who said that it worked for him. All natural. Going to give it a try. Let's see. Hang in there. Remember we may have FB but FB doesn't have us.

we are EXACTLY alike my friend . . . all the same symtoms . . . the tightening in your chest is inflatation of the lungs lining . . . the condition begins with an 'S' . . . can't think of it . . . sorry . . . another symptom . . . bad memory and unable to find the right words . . . I get that same condition sometimes . . . stress causes it . . . in fact . . . stress is my biggest nemisis . . . I try very hard to handle it with many ways . . . its important you do the same . . . the more you can tame the stress the less pain and other symtoms you'll suffer . . . I call it like being squeezed by the hand of god . . . I have had it since a car accident I was in a little over 20 years ago . . . was actually diagnosed about 10 years ago . . . I have involentarily have become an expert on the subject . . . as I suffer all 18 points plus on the fibro scale of tender points and I have every single other symptom you can get or is associated with the disease . . . it has changed my life for the better . . . yeah . . . sounds crazy I know . . . but I have mastered laughter and won most battles with stress and see things . . . people . . . the world . . . in a much better light because of it . . . I have to actively seek out the positive in everything . . . in order to cope and successed it . . . I have rewired my own brain so that all I see is the good in life . . . my rose colored glasses have never been brighter . . . friend me . . . we'll talk . . . in not I wish you the very best with it . . . don't let it beat you . . . fight the good fight . . . and never say die . . . take care fellow fibromylagian . . . 8D

It really does help when you receive replies from others who can understand what you are going through. You are absolutely correct in saying that once you have a handle on the stress you feel better. I try to pace myself when doing anything physical and try to not get mentally stressed as well. But the comments I have received go a long way as it helps my husband understand that it's not all in my head. He has begun to understand when I have my "down" days. Unfortunately, his Mom was also diagnosed with it. It is a struggle. But, the comments and support I receive through this Blog goes such a long way. Thanks for responding. You uplift me.

my god I sooo understand you . . . I go through the same thing with the folks in my life . . . and I can appreciate it just as much as seeing it through their eyes . . . tough to understand unless you have it yourself . . . if fact I almost killed myself over it . . . won't do that again . . . luckily a failed attempt a long time ago . . . but I have learned sooo much since . . . and I will see this through . . . and YES meeting others here with the same conditions has been a life saver . . . literally . . . I love this land called ep . . . it has become one of my many therapies . . . hahahaha . . .

My mother has this. Honestly at first I didn't believe her or I hoped it was something else. Nope, she has to suffer everyday. It really scares me because I already have the fatigue problem (ever since I was a teenager I was tired after anything and didn't go out a lot because I wanted to sleep) Some days I'll wake up and my skin hurts lol when I say that people laugh but it literally feels like, while I was sleeping, someone took my skin off and put it back on. People think my fatigue is getting better because I'm loosing weight but it's actually because I get pills from my diet doctor. This is the first time in years I've had energy to do anything. I'm getting as much stuff done as I can because my doctor will only let me use the diet pills for a few months. By no means do I think I have fibro but with symptoms like that I'm sure it will lead up to it. My mom and dad divorced because of this. He couldn't understand (and still doesn't believe her) he thinks she is crazy and it's all in her head. Why would someone want to pretend to be hurting all the time? I get scared because if I get it will my husband or dad believe me or think I'm crazy as well. It's hard because you can't say "Well, I hope you get better." That's not how this works. It's more like I hope you have the strength. I'm mentally preparing myself for the day it hits me or the fatigue problem takes over.

I read once where someone said, I have Fibro, Fibro doesn't have me. Your Mom needs your support. If you keep sitting and waiting for it, then it will come to you. Try and think positive. Keep the faith.

I hear you! you sound like me!!! Ihave been going through so much an through so many docs. They don't have a clue. I thought I was going crazy. I found out that I have Fibro from a chiropractor! No on thinks of this as a disease, maybe because I disease you can at least try to get better but this is cronic! I used to be an athlete, super active and now I can't do much. Feel like crap!!! I want my life back! I am a mess!! Kills me when no one gets it.

One doctor told me not too long ago that I need to stop telling people that I have Fibromyalgia. Imagine that! Then why do I feel like crap? She had no answer. Don't see her anymore - that's for sure. Like Maltesemermaid said, I have tried to turn my way of thinking around. When I feel an anxiety attack coming on, I tell myself that I don't have time for this and try to talk my way out of it. It's hard, but I try. Don't let them get you down. Movement is the key as much as it hurts.

Hi my name is Tammy ; an i have FMS.just found out last year , Its been very hard; no one understands me anymore, heck i dont even under standme , its so hard to think about anything but my pain , dont wont to be around anyone , just at home all day alone and in tears every day , cause im in so much pain, the other thing is my daughter an my grandson was living with me , and i think she thinks im faking cause we had a falling out and she left ,she said that she couldnt take it anymore , i cant control my emotions i cry at the drop of a hat, an i never feel like doing anything , if i do i suffer for it sometines for days,last week i was driving to doctor and had to pull over .i forgot were i was going , that scared me , i have no insurance no job so i cant see the doctors i need to be seeing on meds and pain pills nothing helps , so i could complain all day but thats why my daughter left just glad to be able to talk to people and hear there r people that have my same problems thanks an good luck to all Tammy

I am sorry to hear that your daughter hasn't tried to understand your condition. I am assuming we are around the same age, so we also don't have in our favor menopausal symptoms. Hormones can make things go out of sorts as well. I have found that pacing myself so that I don't tire too much helps with the aches and pains. As painful as it is, still try to keep busy. Keeping the joints moving actually helps long term. My kids sometimes don't get it when I tell them there are some things that I can no longer do or that I need to slow down some. They make fun if I tell them that it hurts if they hug me too tight. But I try to ignore the negativity and move on. Hang in there. Maybe you could speak with your doctor and arrange for your daughter to accompany you on your next visit so the doctor can speak with her and help her to understand what you are going through. Or you may want to try getting some literature on the subject for her to read. I have news for her, if you have it, she being female, stand a good chance of having it as she gets older. So let's hope she doesn't because her son is watching how she treats you and what goes around, comes around. Take care.

it seems a little silly for me to reply to posts that are one year (plus) old, but....... here goes. i feel that strongly about fm that even a chance that i could help just one person by chiming in here is well worth it. i identify with most of these sufferers, sadly. I did have fm for years and suffered miserably. very few people get it, many people DO think you're faking --- these problems make the fm much worse. here's the "take away" --- get the Fibroplex !!! i cannot state this often enough or strongly enough !!! it truly saved my life, and i could weep over the lost years from not having found it sooner. whether it's expensive or not -- get it. steal it if you have to. then take as directed -- even if it takes a few weeks, keep taking it. the stuff works !!! it cured me, and i am posting to you now, pain free ---- fibrolyalgia FREE. i know that people are cynical and suspicious, but hand to God, on my life, it helps like a miracle and my life went back to normal as soon as i got on my Fibroplex regimen. i have nothing to gain by recommending this. i was a fellow sufferer like you, and all i want is to help others to be free of that torment. Good luck, never give up, and GET THE FIBROPLEX !!!

Tammy my name is Carla. I have fibro. I found out this past April. I was diagnosed last year in October but was never told about it.
I had to quit my job as my feet bother me all the time.
I signed up for state insurance. You should look into that. You may also qualify for food stamps. I also signed up for disability. I'm waiting for my case to settle.
I have been so tired lately. I have crying spells too. I take so many pills a day I hate it. Drs don't really understand exactly what we go through or how we feel. They prescribe all these medications and they don't work most of the time.
What we need is a dr that has fibro and understands. Maybe then we will get the right medications.
I pray you learn to have a good life despite this nasty disease.

hello, my names catherine and i have had this condition for 16 years, i am in the last stages of the condition so i am at its worst.<br />
then it begins to get worse the pain gets 100x worse than you think it can already be, its excruciating. you also find yourself taking more and more pain killers to cure the pain but they begin not to work anymore and you seem stuck, i have burst into tears infront of my 16 year old daughter because i just couldnt take it anymore and because i just want to be normal again, i am due to get a wheelchair very soon, i have been in and out of hospital and they just cant do a thing about it, im suffering bad with depression and irritable bowel. anyway, i have an electric t.e.n.s machine that i got from boots and it help a little with the help and i regulary take my medication, i have muscle relaxents from my doctors but they make me feel like a sack of potatoes. i get massages regulary which eventually starts to work and i have also had acupuncture which, if you keep getting it, works. i hope this helps and i wouldnt wish it to get this bad for any of you's.<br />
all the best, cath

Hi Eloise<br />
I have had Fibro since 2007. Three weeks after I had my first flu shot at work(I am a nurse and midwife) my body crashed. I had pain from head to toe, and could not get out of bed until linch timr. I experienced a sort of paralysis where my body would not respond to mental commands. I went through a period of 6 months of repeated blood tests and other investigations with no answer. After 6 months I said that I would like to see a physician. He examined me and listed to me experience of the last few months, and he diagnosed me with Fibro. I do not fit the routine profile of people with Fibro. The only thing that was different was the flu vaccine. It is difficult to prove and many doctors are wary of sea king against vaccines. I have had to stop work, and spend most days in pain in bed, other than a string of appointments. I have tried every known treatment without success. I have a very supportive husband and so far I have avoided depression. I refuse to let it beat me. Doctors seem to be limited in their knowledge of it, so those of us who suffer have to research it for ourselves and support each other <br />
All the best Jan

I too have FMS. I was diagnosed 5 years ago at the age of 20 after a ca accident. I was the drs pin cushion and am constantly taking new tests! I have bursitis an tendinitis, carpal tunnel, ibs, herniated discs in my neck, horrible itchy burning muscle spasms, and arthritis. I'm sure there's more but I have major brain fog.. My depression and anxiety is horrible.. I live just waiting for 9pm so I can end y day and lay in bed. I'm in school full time bc my dr will not put me on disability. I'm having a lot of trouble staying in school. I get through the day an then afterwards I can't walk, stand, sit nothing. I have 2 kids, they miss playing eith mommy.. My married failed due to my fibro. I want my life back. I can't take this pain anymore!!

I am sorry to hear. You are so young to have this condition. Have you tried acupuncture? I am glad that you mentioned the burning muscles because I tried explaining that to my doctor and he wasn't getting it. They all tell me that my age, pre-menopausal, lack of exercise (I may not have an active exercise plan, but I am no couch potato either). I don't know if you are a spiritual person, but if you are, keep focused on God and he will help you through this. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

I did acupuncture and all it did was cause an even bigger flare up. my problem is i do not have ups and downs. everyday it is a constant battle of horrible pain. yes there are things that make it worse, but they are things i have to do daily to get by as in, laundry, showering, taking care of my kids etc. i cant just stop those things! the burning is so bad in my back that i cant do anything!! my narcotic pain medication helps but i feel i have to adjust my dosage every other month! it is annoying and im constantly taking some form of medication,narcotics, antiimflammatories, advil/aleve/tylenol, muscle relaxers that do not help, and plenty more! my dr wants to take me off medication an says i shouldnt be in this much pain! i will realy fall apart if she takes away my medication it gives me somewhat of a life! i am a spiritual person and i do pray everynight for my health, my children and a miracle! i dont attend church much bc i try not to leave my house as much as possible! Thank you so much elloise01. i hope you also get through this!

The cold part of having FM is the one biggest issue that I have, the cold causes me to stay in bed most of the day and night, it is one of my biggest pain triggers that can have me out of sorts for days. I find the sudden change in temp can go from cold to pain within minutes and leave me that way for hours before my core temp gets back to normal. It drives me nuts- its almost crazy-making as everyone else walks around with half the clothes that I have on and think of me like having the flu of some such. Just opening the door with a gush of cold wind can set the whole things to spiral into pain, frustration, migraines and a blubbering mess.I stay home most days and try to preserve face in that most just don't understand how the mildest of chills can make me sick for hours if not days to come. My husband and son are on the autistic spectrum and have little understand of how cold the body can really get to me as badly as it does at times.My husband and son walk around in the winter months with out a jumper at all and think nothing of the cold others might be feeling. <br />
<br />
warm thoughts Karen

Hi there. I was just diagnosed with FM today, what a blow and releife all at once! My pain has been with me my whole life, and I was always told I was "faking" or "lazy", I listened to all of that and made myself toughen up and "get over it". But the IBS kicked in 2 years ago and recently I have has some serious pain in my sternum area. My boyfriend got me to go to a doctor (something i rarely do thanks to my worry that I will be told I'm faking) and he ran the stress point test on me and all of them were painful. I was confused because I just went in for my sternum and here he is poking my knees (the worst!), my shoulder blades, neck, elbows and shins. I also have another condition related to FM where my skin is super sensitive to touch, esspecially my finger tips. I can't rub them on certain fabric without a shiver down my spine, it is my equvialent to nails on a chalk board. I am a server and work a lot of doubles only to comehome WIPED OUT and my legs and knees are on fire. I just thought i was a big baby. Laying in bed right now I can feel my pulse in my belly, along with my recent flare up of IBS, and my eye is twitching. My knees-toes hurt and my neck is stiff. But yesterday this was just me, who I was, Ashley the pansy. So tomorrow I may have a name for my pain, but I will not list them to anyone who does not understand, and I will not let this chronic pain stop me from doing anything.

i am exactly the same elloise got diagnoised 2 yr ago but been suffering 3 got iron probs tummy probs been a nightmare here there and everywhere at the moment trying hydro i hope it helps me as i have treid so much pain relif sleepers and antidepresents nothing helps i dont think i have had a good day for about a year but its hard trying to basicaly stop the life u lead and calm down and pace still struggling meself but iam sure it got to get easier to live with but everything is the same as you have describe just everyday for me my memory and concentration has totaly gone and iam so clumsy no co-ordination no more hope you find something to help physio is good for me waiteing to get into a chronic pain group and speak to other suffers to see how they cope I have meet 2 people like myself and they havent found nothing to help hope we do eh .x

i am exactly the same elloise got diagnoised 2 yr ago but been suffering 3 got iron probs tummy probs been a nightmare here there and everywhere at the moment trying hydro i hope it helps me as i have treid so much pain relif sleepers and antidepresents nothing helps i dont think i have had a good day for about a year but its hard trying to basicaly stop the life u lead and calm down and pace still struggling meself but iam sure it got to get easier to live with but everything is the same as you have describe just everyday for me my memory and concentration has totaly gone and iam so clumsy no co-ordination no more hope you find something to help physio is good for me waiteing to get into a chronic pain group and speak to other suffers to see how they cope I have meet 2 people like myself and they havent found nothing to help hope we do eh .x

Hi elloise01,<br />
<br />
So sorry to hear about your struggle with Fibromyalgia. I have it as well, so I can sort of relate to your struggle. If you ever need an ear, drop me a line!

Hi elloise01,<br />
<br />
So sorry to hear about your struggle with Fibromyalgia. I have it as well, so I can sort of relate to your struggle. If you ever need an ear, drop me a line!

:[ <br />
I'm 16 and just a week ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, having 16 of the 18 tender spots hurt constantly. Whats even stranger is that I'm male. Todays been my worst day ever, having woken up after 16 hours of sleep, only to stay in bed another 4. I lay here now, searching the internet for real stories, to see if what I'm experiencing is normal or not. I'm terrified to find that I experience similar feelings to almost every affect member of the FM community. Right now I'm too exhausted to even share my experience. :l I hate this. I don't know what to do with myself. My inability to finish this is frustrating me even more.

Thank you for sharing. I didnt know too much about it. I met a lady a year ago with it, but didnt fully know what it was about. All I knew was she could not sleep well and was always tired. I recently been reading up on it because I wanted to know why I had all these crazy symptoms. Tired other wise called lazy by some. Aches and pains in my joints, mostly my hands and wrist but in other body parts too. Headaches and painful stiff neck. Horrid pms. Sometimes I have so much energy and love it but not often. My daughter yells at me because I sleep so much, but the truth is I probly only had about 3hrs of sleep.. I live most of my time in a brain fog. My mother in law definately dont understand and Im sure she wont when I do go to the doctor. Im too tired to leave home, but my husband forced me out cause it will do me good, sometimes it does. Sometimes I have anxiety attacks.<br />
<br />
I always woundered why my doctor said I get enough medication for my thyroid, the levels were where they were suppose to be. So maybe I had this longer than I thought. Now my mother has to take iron pills or she will fall apart, she gets really drained, when she takes them she is fine. My iron is good and I have been checked for being animia.<br />
<br />
Thank you again for all you shared, I feel for you.

I thank everyone for replying to me. It has been comforting reading your replies. I have managed to work through this without the use of drugs other than Tylenol Arthritis 650 mg along with my trusted Bengay. It helps while I fall asleep. I was recently diagnosed as being anemic and some of the symptoms of anemia is painful muscles and very low energy levels. Depending how severe it is, it can affect the heart and other organs. Strange enough, I read somewhere, feeling cold is also a symptom of iron deficiency. I was curious if it possible for iron deficiency to be the cause of this whole mess and it goes undiagnosed. Does anyone else have low iron? I am a 3 when, I believe, it is supposed to be somewhere around 12.

very interesting story.... my wife has been suffering with fibromyalgia and ms pain for years...its sooo cruel. and yes it does affect both partners in the end. there is light at the end of the tunnel as we have found a new treatment for pain relief. it does not involve drugs and works in minutes..truly amazing

I am 38 and i have fibro, just found out near nov of 07. they pur me on many different meds and i had real bad stomch problems etc. i can feel your pain and this is also new to me, so any help from people who experience the same i am going through i believe will help..you can talk to me. i try talking to people who has fibro, and like you said not many .. i am glad i found this web by browsing, maybe i can also get help. i have bursitus in both hips to find out this is also part of fibro. who knew..<br />
anyway, if you need a friend to chat. write me.<br />
also i feel your pain, and i had also got mostly all trigger points, i couldn't believe it until my rheum pointed all i have. WOW. at first i didn't believe i had this. but glad the major problems like Ms and all were rulled out, glad i got those tests anyway. my fingers been hurting, besides my arms,legs,back of neck etc..<br />
Best of luck, and Believe me, I feel your pain.....<br />
Write me ok.<br />
Take care..

I have fms too, and I have all the symptoms you have and then some. while it can be very disheartening, I have just learned to accept it. People say exercise helps, but I am usualy so tired, that isn't even an option. The worst part is when people act like there is nothing wrong with you....my husband gets tired of hearing about it too. Stress intensifies it so much! I missed out on so much of my kids lives because I was sick. it sucks, and I feel for you.

Hi Elloise, <br />
<br />
Your story is so familiar. My fibro started 12 years ago. I was only diagnosed about 4 years ago, doctors before that couldn't tell me anything. I believe I have this condition due to stress, post traumatic stress disorder, childhood sexual abuse, neglect, and an overwhelming sense of loneliness. I have most of the symptoms you do, the lethargy is one of the things I hate the most - never being able to get up with any energy, always feeling like I haven't slept at all. I dislike going into clothes shops where the racks are up so high - my arms ache after a few seconds of holding them up. Sometimes I can't sit in one position for more than a minute, otherwise my body sort of freezes in that position and I find it hard to relax the muscles to move again. However my pain is in remission at the moment, after years of not sleeping because of it. I found a naturopath who recommended some strong vitamins for me, one is called Fibroplex by Metagenics, and I take good quality multivitamins, some fish oil, and some MSM in tablet form. The Fibroplex is the most important. I don't know what you have available in your neck of the woods - I'm in NZ. I have changed my diet a lot in the last few months, tried to eliminate most junk foods, sweet foods, dairy and wheat (had IBS for years prior to diagnosis). I can't say I'm always successful in the food area, but what I have done has made something of a difference. My weight has been a huge issue with this condition. It's been so damn hard to lose weight when it hurts to even walk out the front door, let alone jog down a street. <br />
<br />
I am so glad to find people who are like me on EP, but am reminded of how awful it is that any of us have to suffer this way. It is the most debilitating, lonely, isolating illnesses that I have ever had the misfortune to experience. So I am here if you want to talk, anytime.<br />
<br />
Take care, Annakey

That's what this group is for to share our experience and to help us to not feel so alone. <br />
<br />
Have you read any of the other stories? <br />
<br />
It's sad and unbelievable that no one has heard of fibromyalgia in your area. Are you in the States? Canada?<br />
<br />
My advice would be to go to your family doctor and ask him or her to refer you to a good rheumatologist. <br />
<br />
One thing I noticed is that you get cold easy. I have that. I was diagnosed with Raynaud's Phenomenon. It's a seperate but equally painful illness. U could ask your doctor about that. It seems to me that you may have other underlying conditions along with Fibro. It's not unusual at all. <br />
In so far as your other symptoms I can definitely relate. The pain in the calves; the cramps, the pain from the elbow to the wrist; the cold; the tiredness and fatigue; PMS. I have had twitching muscles in the past - my left eye was once twitching so bad I was embarssed. And on and on.<br />
<br />
The problem with Fibro is that it's invisible. People sometimes believe we are faking or lazy, but that's definitely not it! <br />
<br />
Right now I'm in terrible pain and am a lot of the time! I'm also exhausted, because fibro affects my sleeping habits. And on and on. <br />
<br />
I wish you well!<br />
<br />