Last night, I asked by a "friend" if I really have fibro. Simply because I'm still capable of being physical and getting out and being active. My partner and I are planning on getting into a schedule of going out walking/running and trying to get in shape. On top of Fibro, I am also highly sensitive and have a neurological disorder called Dyspraxia. Everything combined causes severe muscle issues, whether it be control or tone. It's just difficult for me. It doesn't help that I'm slightly over weight. I mean, not a ton.. but enough that I know it affects my pain levels. So my partner and I decided to get motivated and help push each other to get into better shape. She's this tiny little thing that just thinks age is having it's effect on her body so wants to tone up and just look somewhat better. Whereas I am doing it more for health reasons. We want to walk, run, hike.. be outside as much as possible when my body will let me.

Point of this is, that upon hearing that my friend asked if I'm sure I have fibro, because that is NOT the fibro she knows. I shouldn't be able to work 12 hours on my feet in a factory.. I shouldn't be able to go for long walks or runs. I am 23 freaking years old. I have a slight heart murmur, I have Dyspraxia, HSP, and Fibro. But that doesn't mean I need to give in to it! I'm still young enough and in decent enough shape that I can stay physical and keep my muscles in decent condition. I understand and respect that some of you aren't as lucky. Some of you can't get out. Some of you can't even walk through the house without pain. And I'm sure that some day I may be to that point. But for now, I'm young, I'm healthy.. I just have some serious pain throughout the day, some days worse than others. But that doesn't mean that I shouldn't push myself to stay physical. As long as I know my limits, I'll be fine! And my partner respects those limits as well. She understands that I am in pain and will do whatever she can to make me feel better, even if that means we cut our runs in half, or space it throughout the day, or just take things easy for a bit.

My mother has fibro. And as soon as it showed up, she gave in. She sits in her recliner all day. She walks with one of those walkers with the wheels on the bottom and a seat on it for when she can't stand any longer. She has no muscle tone or definition. She can hardly do anything for herself. As I said, I understand and respect that some people just can't do it. But I have the motivation and determination and means to stay physical as long as possible. It's all in the mind set, I believe. Does that mean that there won't be days I'm just too sore to get out of bed? No. It means that I will have to learn to understand my body more and respect it when it tells me that I need a break.

Yes, it means that I am going to be extremely sore and tired for a while until my body adjusts.. I'm going to hurt really bad. I'm going to be using lots of ice packs and heat packs and a lot of showers and baths to ease the pain. But I would rather push myself to my limits and stay in shape so that I can hopefully stay physically active longer than I would other wise. Add this to my soon to be changing diet, and I'm going to be living a much better lifestyle than ever. I'll be switching to a mostly vegetarian diet due to my partner having Crohn's.. so we'll be eating lots of veggies and fruits and some chicken and sea food. And lots of organic or even home grown.

I'm going to treat my body better than I ever have... That doesn't mean that I don't have fibro. That means that I want to make the most of my body while I still can. I want to get out there and experience what I can, and know that I pushed myself as much as I could while I had the chance.

Is that really so wrong?
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Been in this for 15 years myself and it was that same attitude that has kept mine at bay for a long time. Until this most recent flare. People are ignorant and don't understand. Thank you for the reminder of the power of the mind. I too respect those of us that have it much tougher through the day. We are each unique!

It's excellent you are so determine to stay healthy. I also have fibro, but I'm not able to do all you are doing. I do believe if I had taken better care of myself my fibro wouldn't be as bad as it is now.
My heart goes out to your mom. I believe mind set affects attitude, but the degree of fibro is caused my the illness itself. Expecting more out of your mom is like expecting someone with MS to walk again. Please don't take that as being harsh because it's not intended to be. I'm just sharing my own personal belief.
I truely admire what you are doing and wish you the ultimate best.