Just Diagnosed

I was dx 4 months ago.  I had had the noticeable symptons for over 6 months which included, constant sore throat, tingling in hands and feet, pain in fingertips and elbows, knee pain, burning sensations on my skin, irritable bowel and bladder, fatique, disturbed sleep, sensitivity to temperature changes, extreme leg pain with damp weather and im sure some that I am forgetting.  When I look back I can pin point some of the symptons I had for awhile but most appeared last year.  I am currently on Effexor and Folgard(for low white blood cell count)  Effexor has helped the symptons and I have felt pretty good since being put on this since February.  I seem to currently be  having a "flare up".  It's not severe but I am really tired and have the pain in my arms.  I have trouble leaning on my elbows, bending them when sleeping because of pain.  I have had to change my sleep position because of this.  I have felt like a hypocondriac for the last year.  I don't think people truly understand this as I don't completely understand it yet myself.  When someone ask what is Fibromyalgia I almost feel like I'm making up a story.  My cousin was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  Her symptons appeared about 3 years ago just after the death of her father.  She is disabled and now addicted to pain meds.  I currently work full time and pray that i will be able to maintain my current lifestyle.  I read that this is not a progressing disease but from some of the stories I don't know that I truly believe it. 


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I hope you can find a way of maintaining your life as you are currently living it.