I Hate Fibromyalgia Too!!!

I was 3 when i would be limping around and crying in pain...my Mom didn't know how to help me. She would take me to the pediatrician for test to no avail. He was always wrapping my legs up in wraps, taking blood tests, doing EEG's to test for sleep disorders cause I was forever not wanting to sleep or sleeping for days. 

It wasn't until I was 16 that I was diagnosed at The University of Iowa hospitals. I was told I had fibromyalgia, put on ibprofen, and told to rest. Yeah, that really helped. 

I was always told that it was in my head, that I shouldn't complain so much, that I had to get out of that bed for school...and none of the ppl who told me that, ever thought there was actually a name for the condition that I have.

Nobody i know  understands my pain, and to this day no doctor has ever helped or even attempted to do so, except for one that was fired for giving out too many pain meds.  

I live in consist, burning, horrible pain everyday...with only tylenol to help...which doesn't do anything but give me a stomach-ache.

My so-called fiance is half-*** supportive. On good days he is nice and caring...when we are fighting, he doesn't even care if I am having a flare-up or that stress may and does, for me, make it worse. Even as I sit here right now, he is accusing me of looking for a boyfriend. So, between that and my 4 kids who make messes all day, my horrible cleaning job that takes 2 days to recover from 8 hours of work...I don't live to well.

Does anyone else have the burning sensation in between each rib? This hurts...I deal with the ache in every joint and muscle, I deal with the sleep disturbances, and I even deal with the depression, but this burning is horrible in my ribs (front and back), that I can't barely breath sometimes...this has been going on for years. I can't live another 26 years like this...I am in pain and nobody in my personal life cares, so I am on here. Looking for some support, stories, and some sense of peace and confirmation that I am not crazy, that this does exsist and that I am not alone.

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5 Responses Oct 4, 2008

I have the burning sensations in my rib cage and back also , it also goes goes down my arms and legs. It's a horrible thing to live with . I had to stop work it got so bad . Some days i can;t even get out of bed. I really don't know how you do it with the cleaning job. for me I am a single parent so it's really hard . I take meds just to half way function, mostly i feel like a zombie all day . Your not alone , i understand it completely. i have only have had to for two yrs. and i am already exhausted from the pain.

I'[ve had fibro. since I was 35. I'm now 61. My children have never known a healthy mother. I am soooo sick of this. I was better for about 10 years...not well, just better...able to do things and even teach. This crap ruined my life and really impacted my family. I have a very understanding husband. I was so capable and motivated before getting this awful disease. I found this because I went to google and typed in I am sick of having fibromyalgia. Its NOT fair. I'm so sorry you've had this since you were little. That is just awful. I bore myself!!!

I agree...we are all alone.

It took me more than 8 years of trying to be diagnosed to find a doc..I finally found a wonderful rheumatologist but yes, we are all alone...even if people say they care and understand, only we know what this hell feels like

I feel pathetic...helpless...and somewhat retarded. How does everyone else find a doctor to help and i am just trying to deal and battle alone?