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For the last 3 years I have been struggling with Fibromyalgia.  The main issues are extreme fatigue, for example I will sleep 10 hours and immediately feel exhausted when I get up, and the constant aching in both my muscles and joints.  Ugh.  I would love to see if other people on EP have similar problems, and any advice.  I have recently started Reverse Therapy, which I will discuss in a separate thread at some stage.  It's helping, but it's a slow process.
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What is Reverse Therapy?
I am in the process of being diagnosed with Fibro myself. I am like you- constantly exhausted, even after sleeping all night. My muscles ache as though I just exercised for 12 hours, and my joints hurt so badly that even doing dishes by hand can leave me in pain for days. I am currently untreated because I have no insurance.

Dear Spirit, my flares I've had for years also. I've always thought I had arthritis in my shoulder, elbows, knees and hips and have always had that bruised feeling around my knees, thighs and shoulders. X-rays ruled out arthritis and when my doctor and all three neuros couldn't find a reason for my daily migraines that's when my doctor started poking around my body and asking specific questions about what pains I'm experiencing and found my tender points and the fibro diagnosis was made. If you haven't done so already check out

Hi there. i also have fibro. i was diagnosed about 5 years ago. There were days when I had to literally crawl because I could not walk. My legs were like pillars of stone. I thought i was just badly out of shape.The weakness and tiredness is unbearable. I am still working. I am a Chef, so on my feet all day. Some days when I finally get to sit down, it takes so much effort just to get back up again. I fall asleep on the couch and have no energy to pick myself up and go to bed. My house is a nightmare, no energy to clean or do anything. I can start something then have to take a break.
I have tried all of the meds. nothing had worked. Don't like the side effects, so I have taken to smoking marijuana. It really helps with pain and specially the restless leg syndrome. It helps me to sleep too, and because my appetite is also affected by the fibro, it helps me to be able to eat.
I do have good days. Really good days but then I do too much and suffer for a week after.
The older I get, the worse I get.
Arrrrrrrgh, I hate this disease.

I have tried all types of treatments. Acupuncture, biofeedback, myofasia release, chiropractor, massage, a practice called B.E.S.T connects mind memories and body. Physiotherapy, reflexology, everything. I would like to hear your outcome using reverse therapy. Nothing has worked. But stretching and massaging for hours lossens things up, sometimes helps me not to get a migraine and jaw pain. But soo hard to do while so sick, but I do it. I also am huge on maxalt. I think that how spelt. If take 1 then 2nd when it says to. It sometimes turns a crazy migraine into a dull one. Take care

Sorry to hear about your fibro.I have had fibro cfs for about 3 years. I have the same symptoms as you. When I do something even so simple, I have to do a bit then lay down. I feel like I have the flu at all times. I'm itchy everywhere, have major body pain and migraines. My speech is often slurred do to being so exhausted. All so strange, frustrating.

My god, it's so good to read all these comments. I have FM and I'm permanently in pain and exhausted, I've just gone back to work after taking redundancy because of the condition. The worst part of this is telling other ppl i have it and getting a blank look off ppl! I'm struggling to work as I'm also a mum. I've given joint custody of my children to my ex just so I can rest and be a better mum when they're with me. My memory is poor and I'm up at night with the pain in my arms. I've even forgotten why I've walked into a room! I am suffering like you all and I hope more is done for us medically in the future.

What is with people assuming one can work with this. For the people out there who have managed to, good for you! I have so much trouble showering and getting dressed ready for work, let alone actually working a shift. All do to pain and fatigue. Even other symptoms drive me crazy itching, debilitating migraines, can't sleep or over sleep like crazy. Major face and jaw pain, and on and on.

Oh yes. Get up in the morning and lay on the couch dozing for most of the day. NO energy.

You just described me!! Uugghh! is right.. finally someone who understands me..thx..

It took 17 years of going to the Doctor about my aches and pains, I felt like a hypochondriac and do not go if I can help it, The lack of understanding of my last Doctor just about finished me off.

The only time I have ever felt free from pain is when I was pregnant and I have heard that research is now being done into which hormones could be responsible for this.

I'm dreading this winter as I know my hands will become useless again as the pain will be too much and I wonder how on earth I coped with being a single Mum but I did!

Yes. I don't have children yet, planing to once fibro gets better. I can't imagine how much of a struggle it would be to feel so sick, and have so much to do. Good for you for coping so well as a mom with fibro:) does fibromyalgia ever go away. I have read different things. Why have I had a flare as they say for 3 years? Are you the same? For so long? I don't get it. My hands too become completely numb in cool weather and they don't work. I understand what your saying.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia almost 2 years ago but was told I already had it for 7 years plus a month before that diagnosis I was diagnosed with Lupus..was told I had that for nearly 13 years..explained as to why I was constantly hurting for 2 years before my diagnosis and the butterfly rash I have on my face that started 14 years got larger but I thought it was sun damage lol..all in all I so understand you..I at sleep all night and wake up (most of the time) unrefreshed and tired and I take long long naps cause I can't help advice to you is, if you're tired then please rest, if you're sleepy then by all means please sleep. Also you might wanna talk to your Dr about prescribing you Adderall, I have that med BUT with my constant pain & depression, taking Adderall is a waste of a pill..but it does work when You don't have much pain & your brain is active and ready to take charge of that sorry You're going through this, it's a double whammy in my part..I get double the fatigue & pain plus the mono (Epstein Barr Virus) does NOT help at all..I have new name my family gave's sleeping beauty lol sad but're in my Prayer, keep in touch if you'd like..I'm new here & so far I'm glad I found this site a few hrs ago, it feels good to be a part of a conversation with people who know what I'm going through..I feel less alone Thanx to this site! Take care 😊

PT didn't help unfortunately.

I haven't been formally diagnosed with fibro, but I'm about 95% sure I have it. I am ALWAYS sleepy, exhausted, and weak. My muscles ache all the time, there are days when I can't even move when I wake up because I feel like every muscle in my body will lock up. Do you know what tests they did to diagnose you?

i also can relate to you i have severe fibromyalgia. what is that reverse therapy, always every night my arms and the musles in them hurt so bad, I don't know what to do, can anyone help me

Hi..what I do when my arms & hands hurt is while laying in bed I stretch them as if trying to reach the ceiling & I open my hands wide..leave that stretch for maybe 30 seconds and repeat at least 3x, yes at 1st it hurts lol BUT I start feeling looser & it helps about 55% off the pain and you can also ask a loved one to massage your arms & hands & a bit on your shoulders since its all connected plus a hot soak with Epsom salts help lots. Feel better and if you'd like keep in touch, I'm new here & so far enjoying this site..I became a member cause I wanted to be in a group with people who are going through what I'm going through and understand my woes. Take care 😊

I am sitting here crying as I read.I am always in pain I was diagnosed 4 yes ago and am always in pain. Noone understands me and it hurts sometimes I can't even have my kids around me. I get so depressed I'm so tired all the time....

Aweee I know exactly what Yoyre going through...I also have lupus & Fibromyalgia..I'm alwaaaays in pain every damn times it takes my mess time to kick in but all in all I TRY not to cry but boy is that hard..I'm alwaaaays exhausted and pretty much bed bounded 80% of my day and yes I'm depressed..I miss my old life but one day I'm gonna have to stop living in denial, I'm working on it one step at a time AND having God in my life truly truly sorry for what Yoyre going through..I'm new here & so far luv it..reason for me on this site was in hopes of finding a group of people who can relate to me.. Relate to each other cause you cannot understand unless you're going through it..feel free to keep in touch and know that Yoyre never alone.. Never ever, ok?😊youre in my Prayer tonight, take care👍

This condition is so hard to live with and for those who don't have it, understanding it is impossiple. So many doctors and so many years later finally a diagnosis this week. Lets see what happen!

I would love to know about Reverse Therapy. Anything that would help!<br />
<br />
Provigil is good for fatigue with no nasty side affects. I only take it when absolutely necessary, I also have dysautonomia, which for me means a drug can work great for me one day and the next it's a nightmare! But talking with others I hear nothing but good things about it and when it works for me it works great:). Unfortunately like a lot of the "good" med's available they are trying to take it off the market. My dr actually said those words to me one day! Shocked me that he would be so honest, but he's one of the good ones, he's always honest with me.<br />
<br />
Hope you have a great day today.

Fibro is sooo very hard! I was diagnosed 18 years ago and have gone from everything from trying to ignore it to trying everything available to help but so far I suffer still. Recently I have found some relief in a diet that I just started that basically comes in a kit that provides "perfect nutrition". I joined this challenge as a part of a community event but I have found that it has helped a lot of my chronic symptoms in just three weeks. <br />
<br />
I was quite surprised and excited and so I had a nutritionist friend check it out and she was impressed by what all it (its basically a shake mix with vitamins etc.) provided. She said it was basically perfect nutrition. I'm hopeful that it will continue to help but would love to know if others have experienced lessor symptoms with proper nutrition? Right now I'm swearing by it but I'm only on my third week but sooo very hopeful. <br />
<br />
After checking it all out I don't think that the average person can have proper nutrition by traditional methods anymore since our food sources are not what they used to be. Although I kind of stumbled onto this alternative, it seems to be a very good choice for people like us.

I have suffered for years with the pain and being tried all the time I used to be a hairdresser now the pain has gotten worse so I take lexapro and painpills and lunesta to sleep because its hard to do with the pain

I was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but have had it for several years. It just took them a while to figure out exactly what I had. The exhaustion and pain are debilatating. Just getting through my day is so difficult (not that I do all that much). I am supposed to have physical therapy, has anyone tried that and how did it work for you?

I've tried several rounds of p.t. &amp; it sometimes helps but other times it hurts. I've picked up some exercises &amp; gentle stretches that help some when I'm able to do them. The best thing I got out of it was the gentle massage my last p.t. did &amp; also re-learning how to walk by tightening my stomach &amp; squeezing my butt cheeks to move my legs rather than using my back muscles (which I didn't know I was doing). Workers comp was paying for it &amp; they made me stop, so I haven't been in over 6 months. Every time I go to p.t., it seems to help while I'm there, but after I stop everything just gets worse - steadily declines over time until I cant take it anymore &amp; have to ask them to let me go again.

HI I have Fibromyalga, just been diagnosed. Had it for about five month. the pain isn't too bad, but I go get very tired, and I look like poo. However, I have been using urine therepy which really does help with the pain. If I don't do it then the pain feels much worse. Oh and it helps me to sleep at night which in turn helps to repair the muscles. <br />
<br />
Good luck to you all and to me. Julie

hi i have fibro and ostio arthritus just thought i would say hi xx

I also have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofacial Pain. Was diagnosed in August 2008. Am taking Lyrica for the pain. Has made a huge difference, but I have put on about 25#, so that's the downside. I am on lots of other meds, but don't sleep well at all. Keep trying different things.

Hi MH i too have this chronic condation i got it some 13 years ago after an injury at work . I had it from some time before it was noted and then it has been an up hill struggle to deal with it . i had the reverse treatment but it didnt work for me i underwent many testa and tried many things to help deal with it but in the end it all came to nothing .other that a far better understanding <br />
i now take 100mils of morphine a day to help me get through the pain along with other pliis i have got used to the side effects but it would be great to get up in the morning feeling refreshed put my clothes on have breakfast go to work for 8 hours & still have the enegery to play with the kids . but we all no that that is not going to happen we just have to deal with this & alter our lives to be the best that we can . i started my own charity to help children as a way of keeping active . I still come home after 3/4 hrs and fall asleep but hey thats the way it is for many of us ..LETS NOT LOOK AT WHAT WE CANT DO BUT AT WHAT WE CAN

I just got diagonsed this summer. But I have been living with these symptoms since I was 15 yrs old -now 40. I used to block out pain so that I did not feel it and push on and work. Because of that I have weakened myself even more. But there was no name for it back then except to be told it was "psychsymatic or its not really as bad as you think. I have been over the years sent to dozens of doctors and pysio people, I was even in body cast because of my back.<br />
My symptoms get worse when it rains, as well. I am taking Amitriptline which helped - a bit less pain but still tired and goig through another cycle of sleep deprevation. That inturns triggers my IBS - Irritable bowel <br />
<br />
I wish the best in your struggle.

I was diagnose with Fibro about three years ago. Tiredness is a real problem and the pain of course. Putting my feet at the side of the bed to stand up in the morning is sheer agony and never mind say every step of the stairs . Somedays I just despair and feel why is this happening to me other days I say it could be worse at least I can get out of bed be it painfully. <br />
<br />
I was recently prescribe amitriptyline which I find a help but the side effects are feeling even more tired. Wouldn't it be great guys to wake up refreshed for just one day and be normal like other people .<br />
<br />
I wish you all the best with your struggle ............

Hello, I hope your feeling better now. Just be strong and never give up. Like you, I am also one of many people suffered much pain of Fibromyalgia. I went from doctor to doctor to look for answers regarding my condition. It's really difficult to lead a normal life having this kind of illness but I found the best solution for it.<br />
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If we say Fibromyalgia Diet, there is no specific recommended diet for fibromyalgia. But a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals can certainly help in coping with the illness. Magnesium rich vegetables are recommended for patient's suffering from fibromyalgia. Here's some information for you to help in Fibromyalgia Diet - .<br />
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We must also think that vitamins are important for Fibromyalgia sufferers. This will give us additional energy and strength to kept a healthy living. But of course, you must be aware that not all vitamins are effective or directly gives you a good result. Find the best vitamins that would easily give a good response if your taking it. The best thing is your healed and keep your body healthy as possible. Here's The Benefit of Vitamins - , for us to know why vitamins are important for fibromyalgia sufferers.<br />
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Yes I too have Fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed with it in 2001 and have had extreme fatigue. Right now I am going though periods of not sleeping much but that's cause of the pain I have. Noone really understands what you are going through but others who have this disease too. My best friend has had it for about 20 year before they even knew much about it. I also have thyroid, diabetes, asthma and restless leg syndrome. If you ever want to talk just email me on here....hugs, Sandra