How Do I Help My Friend

My Friend has FM. She told me and the truth this I don't know what it is. Searching on the Internet only gives me a little idea. Can some one explain to me what it is? How can I help my friend out? I don't want her to feel unsafe and insecure. Please help! Idk what to do. I want to help her much as I can
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2 Responses Nov 22, 2013

Best advice talk to your friend !

I do want to talk to her more about it but I'm afraid she might not want to talk about it at all. She doesn't really mention it

I think you should let her know you are curious and want to support her and make her feel safe, it will likely make her feel more open to sharing.

In the meantime check out this link it's the best explanation ever.

Thankyou :) and I'll talk to her about it.

it's a chronic pain disorder . . . effects muscles I believe . . . it effects people differently . . . so I'm not sure what would help your friend . . . I have it and I can tell you what works for me . . . I take Savella 50mg twice a day . . . takes out about 50% of the pain . . . there are a few different meds for it . . . and there are books on the subject that may help . . . I wish her wellness . . .

Thankyou :)