I Have Fibromyalgia and Ra

I need people to talk to about RA and Fibromyalgia that understand the symptoms and what i am dealing with on a daily basis.

Bodene Bodene
31-35, F
2 Responses Jul 18, 2007

I have had RA since childhood, n recently was told i have Fibromyalgia-I feel your pain... I'm now realizing my symptoms from Fibro have been around for a yr now n not one RA dr. had diagnosed, a pain specialist did 2weeks ago. What now... Maybe we can help each other w support :)<br />
What next? Hopefully this is it huh?

I was diagnosed with Fibro in March. It's been good and bad. I take Ambien to sleep and that works. The best part is that a month ago they gave me Cymbalta. It's great! I take two a day and the pain isn't nearly as bad as it was. I can actually take a walk and not be in pain for two days afterwards. I still get really tired if I do too much, but not like it was last month.