No Fibro? No Ms? I Don't Care. I'd Just Like a Normal Life.

Theoretically, even if I don't have fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis, that's OK. Because what I'd like an end to is the fatigue that has been plaguing me since I was 10.
It's a life that's not a life. Consciousness is merely a window on the world. The rest of the time is spent comatose. Or at least very tired.
My need for sleep stopped decreasing at age 10. All along I'd been promised, "When you get as old as your sister, you can stay up as late as she." Unfortunately, this never happened. Though, even if it had happened, I would never have been allowed to stay up as late. But that's another story.
My need for sleep never went below 10 hours a night, and now it's climbing the other half of the parabola and is hitting the charts at No. 12 on the top 40 list! Or that should be top 24.
I never understood how people could do afterschool activities, hold a job and do their homework.
The best part about stopping going to school was that I could go to sleep at 9 p.m.
Until I got a Label from an Approved M.D., I kept getting the "You Can Do Anything You Want If You Want It Badly Enough" speeches. For example: "I took 80 college credits in one year." "I raised five children, worked, and went to school full time."
Fortunately, with the label of MS — I'd say the labels of MS and fibromyalgia, but no one's ever heard of fibromyaglia, so there's no point — my relatives have shut up.
Now I only have to deal with living a nonlife of go to work, go to sleep, go to work, go to sleep.
I don't like my life, and what's required to change it is ENERGY, and I don't have that.
I still get the idiotic remarks from people who don't understand. Someone at work said that if I want to advance, I should get involved with projects. He got involved with a project and will be up 17 hours straight tomorrow.

Worse still, my neurologist said he doesn't believe my fibromyalgia or MS has caused my fatigue. He think it's my depression, because I have a "depressive outlook."

Well, he'd have a depressive outlook, too, if he couldn't pursue any of his life goals.

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You may find me crazy but I went to a specialist and they say they believe the cause to my fibro and chronic fatigue is viruses they do the same standard tests on everyone they diagnose such as epstein barr virus, cytomegalo virus, human herpes 6 as well as herpes type specific 1/2 they are all apart of the herpes family I tested positive for all of them you test positive for one you will for all. Freaked out I was like great now I got herpes whos going to want me now??!! Doc explained to me that it wasnt the direct virus that is spread able like herpes very confusing none of my partners ever got it weird right?? Anyway long story short they put me on Valtrex I too have suffered from chronic fatigue all my life believe it or not Valtrex after a week or too gave me soooo much energy even had trouble going to sleep very unlike me I could always sleep heck thats all I ever wanted to do! So hope this helps! Get them blood tests and see if you can try the antiviral treatment!

WHAT IS THE NAME OF THIS DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh I know what your saying i live in the world of FIBRO

I feel like you have explained me so well! I know exactly how you feel.

I can sympathize about the fatigue. it is all encompassing. Have you had monoi or Epstein-Barr Virus ever? You might hgave chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome

I understand what you are talking about whole heartly .I had many friends till I got sick with fibromyagla and ms and I understand every thing you have written .also my husband has been a terrific support field which most of us dont have .please remember even though you have this diese you arent alone ,i would like to talk to you more later about your health and mine and present im sending you this on my husbands blogg as your story touched me as i was where you are .

It's a great shame that most people don't have the sense nor decency to ask about your situation before declaring you must attempt the genuinely impossible! Or, if your colleague knew before his comment, then he is obviously of that unfortunately common breed of inconsiderates stomping ignorantly about the face of this planet. :P