The Despair of Muscles

I am so confused. the past 4 years have been lighted with muscle pain which began in my arm and neck. Havin gone thru the miserable merry go round of tests with nothing of particular relevance i still remain a bif of a lost cause yet still unable to get out of pain. Everyday I experience sore muscle knots over my chest, neck , shoulders, and my hand is numb (i type slow!) from one diagnosis to the next with th eonly agreement being that it is muscle related. From my own persistence i am now going to a rheumatologist who i am poresuming mite have more of a clue about soft tissues. i feel cheated and neglected. My university experience flew by in a blur of pain where i became passive ashamed of the fac tthat i was in pain, choosing bags of ice over my friends. Most of my student loan wen on osteopaths and unsurprisingly i couldnt complete the course. I still have a chance as have been given the option to finish it from home and hand it in in summer. How hard this is proving to be. An upper body saturated in pain does n ot want to sit for long priods at a computer, nevermind force the mind to concentrate.....i long for a diagnosis just to validate this immobile lifestyle which i have been forced to adopt. anyone that calls it laziness should be shot, and id di it myself (thats only a one handed task) i am desperate for some strength and support. i am 23........keep smiling all of you xx

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1 Response Feb 24, 2009

I am 19 and feel your pain better than most. Hang in there. It's really hard and will be full of further disppointments but when you get to the point where you can start to rectify it, it's the best feeling you will ever have. PM me if you like.