I was diagonsed with fibromyalgia back 15 years ago and as I have gotten older it seems to have gotten worse I lay in bed at night and when go to move I am in pain sometimes I feel like I am paraylized and cannot move. I do not wish fibromyalgia on anyone it is terrible to have and your in pain more than anything else even with the weather. I have been put on Lyrcia and that never helped and Cymbalta and that did not help me either. I feel this disordr keeps me from doing a lot of different things I cannot work outside my home with this and other health issues so I spend alot of time at home nobody harldy calls me or comes over so it is just me and my hubby and our 18 year old and his girlfriend and our beautfiul granddaughter everyday no where to go and nothing to do. Such a lonely painful life!!!!
Krimsonraine Krimsonraine
46-50, F
1 Response Aug 17, 2014

I'm sorry you feel your life is lonely & painful. You mentioned your granddaughter - I bet she can bring some love & joy to your bad days!
I understand what it's like to miss out on so much because of fibromyalgia. It tries to rob you of your life and everything that was normal.
Please stay strong & know you're not alone.
Have you considered trying a different medication or treatment to help with the pain? I take a few medications (although I wish I didn't have to) and do a lot of stretching and on a good day, I can feel normal again. (So about 1-3 days a month.) On regular days, I can tolerate the pain enough to get through work. Not an amazing outcome, but it's progress nonetheless.
There are lots of things out there that can provide relief -- I hope you find something that works for you!!