It is so hard to do EVERYTHING. I get tired so easily. And exhaustion due to pain is a really crappy kind of exhaustion.
Chuckabeth Chuckabeth
3 Responses Aug 29, 2014

Effin ditto

I agree. Everything from walking, to reaching, to putting on cloths, showering, and on and on and on! Then, you add on top of that all the additional painful problems a lot of us suffer from, like IBS, TMJ, brain fog, chronic fatigue, and it's enough to drive anyone crazy! In fact, I often feel that way, and I also suffer with several mental health issues. Fibromyalgia ruins lives for sure....

Yeah. The only thing you can really do is try not to give in. It really tests your courage and strength of will. And also fibromyialgia + mental health issues = BAD because fibromyalgia gets worse the more stressed you get. I get you there. :/

I totally relate. It makes life difficult at times.