Just A Quick Note To Intro Myself To The Group

I was diagnosis in 1997 with the syndrome: Fibromyalgia. Wow any way I try to manage but here lately the pain is continuos. I frustred my Spine Doc the other day I did not mean too. I just hurt all over and every place he examed was painful. Gees I wish I could be pain free "even if for ine day yeah yeah"

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Just heard about a website on TV :http://fibrocenter.com/<br />
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Makes no mention of natural products, only drugs, so I wouldn't have great faith in it myself.

I don't remember where he's from but we can be sure there aren't two Jacob Teitelbaums treating fibromyalgia.

WA =Washington State<br />
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I researched a doctor with the same profile.

I don't know what WA stands for. He is a doctor of national renown and has a successful book entitled From Fatigued to Fantastic. He treats fibro patients and as I said, he had it himself.

Is he the guy from WA?

He is an expert on both drugs and natural dietary supplements for this condition.

The real expert on fibromyalgia is Jacob Teitelbaum, an MD who had it himself. He has a book and a website I would urge you and other people with fibro to consult.