So this is my new story, I was officially diagnosed on Tuesday, though I knew in my heart before the doctor made it official.

I'm feeling sad about the whole thing.  I see my mother's lifestyle and don't want to end up in that place.  I don't want my life to be ruled by my pain.  I don't want to sleep the days away, doped up on pain medication.

I talked with my doctor about excercise, and she has limited me to walking and yoga for the time being.  I haven't had the time to get started on a program yet, but I'm researching good yoga videos and looking forward to an end to the rain so I can get out and walk.

I am thankful that, for now, my doctor has recommended over the counter pain killers (which I've already found little luck with), rather than prescriptions.  On one hand I would have liked something for breakthrough pain, but I also do not want to end up addicted/dependent.


With a little fear and nervousness, it's time to move forward with life.



So I am here unofficially, I suppose, as I haven't actually been diagnosed yet.  I have, however, been dealing with pain, depression, anxiety, and trouble sleeping (including restless leg) for just over two years now (Pretty much since my son was born).

My mother was diagnosed several years ago and I have almost exactly the same symptoms as she does.

Sadly she has a very unhealthy lifestyle which I think contributes greatly to her illness.  She is addicted to pain killers and rarely gets out of bed.  I haven't wanted to visit a doctor because I am terrified of following in her footsteps.  I do, however, long to have the energy and pain-free days to share with my son (which he so rightly deserves).  Being a single mother to a wonderful little boy is what finally got me to make a doctor's appointment.  If I do have FM, which I know in my heart I do, I want to get ahead of it now and start making changes in my life that will help me get ahead of it.

I am terrified about my appointment on Tuesday, but I am looking forward to a diagnosis once and for all, and being able to move forward with a more healthy lifestyle.

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Thanks so much, bperry. I must say I am enjoying the nicer weather. I know we're expecting more rain this weekend, but we've had a nice couple of days of warm sunshine. And I find that the past week or so has left me feeling great! I'm 5 days with no pain medication (ibproufen only at this point), and I'm starting a yoga class on Saturday! How exciting! Hang in there yourself, through these last few weeks of winter!

HD, I hope you are feeling better today. As the weather gets better that picks up my spirits, and I hope yours too. Keep fighting the good fight; I am pulling for you.

Fascade,<br />
My heart goes out to your wife! I know how hard it can be! I'm glad she's found relief through the water aerobics! That's so important!<br />
<br />
I also had major complications with my childbirth. And when I spoke with my doctor now about my experience, she nodded, as if to agree that the trauma could have very well caused the onset. I've read that often times minor symptoms can become full blown FM with a trauma to the body, and giving birth (especially a difficult one) certainly changes the body in not so positive ways!<br />
<br />
I hope she continues to feel some relief and that the headaches for both of you are manageable!

We had our first child five years ago. Ever since, my wife has been slowly developing symptoms that resulted in her being diagnosed with fybro a few months ago. Tiredness, soreness, headaches mainly.<br />
<br />
I wonder if it's just the stress of childbirth (she had complications) or something else that pregnant women experience.<br />
<br />
My wife is eating healthier and taking water aerobics and feels much better, although she has her good and bad days. The worst days are when the pressure is dropping. We both usually end up with headaches then so at least it's not just her... heh.<br />
<br />
She takes Tramadol (?) at night and it helps her get better sleep and that's helping as well.