What I Have Learned About Fibromyalgia

( first excuse my spelling) I was dignosed with fibro a few years ago. It has been a very rough road I didn't know if i would make it a few times (Thoght about suicide very very much). Once dignosed my doctore started me on cymbalta and Lyrica very big help. I also have a very bad back 2 operations so I was also on vicodin thow it helped my back it also helped with the fibro and I really needed it to help with the fibro. to make a long story short after while the vicodin was becoming usless for my fibro today I'm on Oxycotten(not Percoset) and Moriphine for break through pain I have had 2 experiances with pain management specialist and both times it sucked they wanted to take me off the pain meds (that is the beliefe of thes doctors not to treat fibro with pain meds). I finely found a doctor who was willing to treat me with pain meds along with Lyrica and the cymbalta. I wouldent be hear today if  not for her.  the fibro took about 2 and a half to 3 years to reach it's peak of pain and since then has leveled out. I still have days when I just curl up and cry trust me I'm not one to do that. Maybe this will help some one i hope it does.                     

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I am so sorry that you have gone through all you have. It's refreshing to know that you've found the kind of care you are looking for and a doctor willing to give you what you need. It's so personal for each of us. I know my mother and I look for very different types of care and that makes it challenging even to relate to one another. As Lisa said, I think a support group sounds fantastic! I know that just being here and reading the stories from all of you has already made me feel less alone. Keep your chin up. I know how hard it can be sometimes!

I am glad you are finding a physician that is understanding to your condition. It is a hard road, and when you have a doctor that doesn't understand, it can be very brutial. I have an information blog you can check out that may help you deal with some of Fibromyalgia's co-conditions. Additionally I think you should think about finding a support group near you if you are not in one. Fibromyalgia has emotional struggles as well as physical. And it is just as important to deal with it mentally as it is physically. Let me know if you ever want to talk and thanks for sharing you are not alone!<br />
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