My Life Long Fight With Fibromyalgia

Hello Everyone,

Though I am addressing you for the first time. I am far from new at this condition. As you all know Fibromyalgia is a life long battle we often fight before we even know what we are fighting. The disturbing thing is I am ok with it now. I was diagnosed about 8 years ago but I have had it all my life. And boy it felt good to put a name to it and know I wasn't just crazy! My mother nicknamed me "The Complainer" because I was always sick or sore or something.

I hated gym and school. The nurses thought I was merely seeking attention. As I got older my docters said I was an anomolty they said I was too young to have the shingles at 19 and I was too young at 20 to have so many gullstones they were falling out of my gullbladder. No one checked because I was simply too young for those kind of problems - the story of my life!

Many times I just wished that I could trade my body in for a new one. A stronger one! LOL...we can dream can't we? Now I have accepted it and made it my job to teach others about this disease before they have to suffer like I did. My blog does pretty well and I hope you will all drop by and read it.

I understand it better now. And even though I still struggle everyday, I enjoy talking to others about it helping them anyway I can. I hope my experiences bring you some bit of piece.

Until next time,


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1 Response Mar 8, 2010

Thank you for such a great perspective, Lisa! I know that I am new to this myself, having felt it for a little over 2 years now, but only having been diagnosed a week ago. It's still frightening to me. But so nice that we have all found some validation to our pain and our health! Thank you for sharing your story!