The Meaning Of Life, The Universe, And Everything (it's Not 42).

Reality works just like a computer game. Things appear to exist based on what we think they should exist like from our point of observation. (It takes too much computing power to create a whole world that is "real" all the time outside of the individual's perception). Hence the anomalies inherent in quantum physics (wave/particle dependent on the observer at a point in "time"). The "dark occultists/powers that shouldn't be etc." know this, and make sure that enough of us believe reality to be a certain way, and through numbers, and Will, MAKE it that way!
The wonderful part of this is that if we change our point of observation; our idea of what should be, in number, we will literally change our part of reality. It won't matter what other people think, create and produce - we will have created our "window" of reality. It is all malleable, and ultimately under the control of the individual, and thus under the control of a group of like-minded people. Empowered by the group, it reproduces exponentially. Herein lies true power.

Peace and Love (is ours whenever we Will it to be).

Ian x
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31-35, M
May 11, 2012