Advice For First Time Diaper User?

Hi, and sorry, I know this isn't an 'experience', or 'storey', but hopefully that may follow, if not after tomorrow, then after the weekend, when I have the chance to use a diaper for the first time (as an adult anyhow).
I've soiled, and wet my briefs, pants, panties, jeans, etc., but not as yet used a diaper/nappy. I have a pack arriving tomorrow, and may have the chance tomorrow to use one for the first time; I plan on wetting it, and also soiling it if I can.
The ones I have are (I think), called Tena pants, and from waht I've read they should have a decent enough capacity for both soiling and wetting; I have some plastic pants, which I shall wear over them, to avoid leakage.
So, was just wondering if anyone has any advice for 'going' in a nappy/diaper; how I should try and do it; Should I stand up in it, to wet/soil myself, or try it sitting down?; No doubt I'll try differnt things over time, but was just wondering, as this will be my first time...
I guess my plan is, to put it on, as soon as it arrives, and then wear it for several hours, (basically until I shower), and so get to spend a good few hours in wet, and in the mess.
Hopefully I'll be able to contribute the experience here, - if I don't get the oppertunity to try going in the diaper tomorrow, I should definately get the chance on the weekend at some point...
I guess it may feel a lot like just going in my underwear (which I have done many many times), but being all 'held' in more, by the diaper, maybe it'll feel quite differnt, with the added security of doing it in the diaper, I may try remain in it, once wet/soiled, for longer than perhaps I would normally when doing it just in my pants/panties...
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CalibHiggs- I love doing that, when I've soiled in my panties, squishign it all around my bottom, and crotch; I think I'll be able to do it even more, when wearing a diaper, as there is less chance of making a mess outside* the diaper, than there is when doing it just wearing panties/pants... And agreed, the feeling of it squishing about all over my skin is heavenly!

Diaperbabynicky- That sounds fabulus, I may have to try that... ; I love it when I can go (in my panties so far), 'naturally', I.E., not forcing it, just letting it 'happen', naturally... I expect to be having a lot of fun with the new diapers and trying them out over the next week or so... I expect I'll be having to order more before long!

Just lay down get comfortable and relax your entire body and then you will be going to the potty in a diaper just relax its the key to it so do what ever it takes to relax I recommend drinking warm milk it makes you sleepy and have to go badly if you drink it when you feel the need to pee it helps with going #2 as well