He Stands By Me

For seven years I had no idea what was wrong with my health. I had pain issues in my joints. Weird swelling and pain for about three days and then it would leave again and sometimes return within the same month and sometimes it wouldn't come back for a while. I went to several GPs who all threw anti-inflammatory meds at me which never worked. I called our Health Link phone line several times and complained that doctors just don't believe in me and aren't giving me any medical tests to help find out what is wrong with me. This process went on for seven years. I finally found a GP who started ordering tests. MRIs and x rays etc. He sent me to an internist who spent a couple of hours suggesting tests and ideas etc. Within two months I was diagnosed with a neurological condition called clinically isolated syndrome they treated me for my pain with neurological pills. This wasn't where the pain was coming from and after they doubled the dose one night while I was in emergency with my leg not able to bend my internist realized this. He started to look for answers. He discovered that I had palindromic rheumatism and that only 3 others in my city had been diagnosed with this condition and he put me on meds for that.

Now that I knew what was wrong with me and that I was not dying as they said I may have a brain tumor at some point. I decided that I was going to put myself out there in the dating world. I hadn't had a steady boyfriend in a long time, and I vowed that no matter what I was going to be upfront and honest about my health with whomever I met.

We'll June 13th 2008, I went on the Plenty of Fish website and spotted a young man in a fedora picture. I thought he had the most rugged jaw I'd ever seen. We chatted on MSN for a long time that day and he could actually keep up with the four conversations I was having with him simultaneously so I knew he was great! He invited me out for dinner that night and we spent a couple more dates together that weekend including an invite to "Father's Day" dinner with his family. (I was a bit intimidated but got along with them well).

We'll it's been 9 months and I love Bryan with all of my heart. He is my rock and my soul. He gives me strength and encouragement to pursue my dreams.

So if you have health issues, find out what they are. Don't give up on that. Then go out and find that person who will support you in the wonderful future you deserve.

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1 Response Feb 27, 2009

i m very happy for u . i think everyone deserves too have someone love them. its good that u do