I'm Taking A Gap Year

Between staying and leaving, I made a decision to STAY despite the pressure from my dad, the pressure I've made myself into from the ra-ra of my friends/acquaintances, and my ego and pride.
It's because I finally understand that delayed gratification is rewarding. Instead of rushing through all the obstacles and landmines, not knowing whether I can even support myself in a foreign land to study, I decided to STAY and work to make sure that I have income coming in, to support myself for the 3 year course there.
Wish me luck! I have a one year plan to take action!
hatshepsut21 hatshepsut21
2 Responses Aug 8, 2010

thank you. no worries. there's still hope and chances everywhere. it's a risk i have to take. like the saying that goes like this: when a door closes, another one opens.

I wish you luck and given your decision to stay. But, don't blame anyone else but yourself for your own decision. I know having to suck up sucks but heck three years down the road you will have obviously what you wanted in the first place.