Finally Meeting a Nice Guy

Yes, i finally met a nice guy, after kissing alot of frogs!  We actualy we have know each other for about 12 years but the first 10 was just as friends and i never for one second thought it would be him that i would be wanting to spend the rest of my life with.  He is 5 years younger than me and is my younger brothers friend and that is kind of always how i saw him, as my brothers friend. 

It was great when we did finally get it together cos we already knew eack other so well.  We both knew each others bad points and had seen each other at our worst but still loved each other.  Now i can't imagine being with any one else.

madlass madlass
26-30, F
1 Response Jun 4, 2007

That's so sweet sometimes you don't realize that true love has been right in your face the whole time cause we don't look past our mind set in a situation like that I'm glad your giving it a try Good Luck To You in your new found relationship