5 Essential Things In Life


bohorhapsody bohorhapsody
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1 Response Jul 27, 2010

Hi bohorhapsody. I agree more or less with these things except I would put respect at the top of the list. They are all essential. People WILL DIE if any of these things are missing completely from their life. I would put respect at the top because it is often not recognized as an essential thing. I have heard many people talk about why their love relationship or marriage broke down and it often comes down to this. People will do beastly work if that is all they can find. They will live in substandard housing and go without their favorite clothes, food and music for a time if they have to while they pay for some other essential thing but nothing makes up for lack of respect. And saddest of all, there is no excuse for it. Often the reason is just plain ignorance. People simply don't understand that it is necessary or they never learn how to show respect. It's free, costs nothing but a moments thought and can make a huge difference to the person on the receiving end. Of course you can't live without the other four things but most people KNOW this. How many people know that R-E-S-P-E-C-T is essential?