A Dynamo In Progress Is How They Discribed Me In An Editorial...

1- My relationship with my fabulous daughter who is 20 and my awesome son who's 18. He says to me: "see you later Bro" so I reply: "See you later sister" and he laughs... Who said teenagers were complicated!
2- Nutrition and Exercise! As this not only helps me be on top of my game but also helps me feel good and fly through the day.
3- Master my emotions instead of beeng a slave to them. It's about knowing how to switch off your mind/computer and reconnecting with your inner self. 
4- Success and achievement! There is nothing more rewarding then to see the positive results of your labour.
5- Changing people's lives daily. Wether it'd be with their health concerns or their economic illnesses.
angelique007 angelique007
46-50, F
Aug 2, 2010