1. Truth
2. Love
3. Peace
4. Hope
5. Compassion

I hold tightly to these five simple things in life.
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6 Responses Aug 6, 2010

sounds very respectable ! :-)

...huh... *smile* respectable... guess so. Thank you.

love to see you add compassion - thanks for kindness

*smile* I replied to this on your June's comment. I am sorry I didn't see it earlier. Take care

hope u find all five !

yes I have/do...everyday. I feel blessed. Thank you. Have a good weekend.

very nice to hear - sounds u understood the deep meaning of life or/and working towards it.

out of five what order u put them based on the importance

in what order... as written. For your recent comment above on compassion, it is number 5. I figure if you have truth, love, peace... hopefully..of course.. compassion is molded from all of the other 4. Thank you!

Hello, CrazyAmelle. *smile* Well, i agree they are five simple things but they are one of the hardest to attain in this day and age.

Teacherspirit, Thank you.

Blessings to you too!