My Five Sentimentals Are, And Why?

Well First of all. The one person I will always and I mean ALWAYS have in my life. Is GOD. He is going to be there no matter what, because I was born to know that god is alive. I know some people don't believe that. And I respect that, but to me he is. I can feel it. And the second thing Is well of course my Family. I couldn't do anything, get past anything, or even get through life without my family. I mean some of my family has been pretty distant from me. But they are close to me. VERY. And the third is my Friends. Now tell me, who can really get through school without friends, I mean you have enough trouble in school with friends by your side. Imagine if you didn't have friends. And even outside of school, they really do got my back, even though I don't talk to them as much as I should. I do got theyre back. And my 4th Thing. Is MUSIC. I love music to no end. Really, it always helps me lift up when I'm down. I mean you can find music t any part of your mood, if your sad happy, depressed, ragging mad. Anything. Music is life... Its a love. Its Beautiful. And for the fifth. I pick Singing. Singing has been with me forever. Ever sense I've been in chorus or any where. SInging has been my life. It brings me everything I need. And I hope to some day get enough courage to maybe sing for other people some day. Maybe. :)

PoemSinger45 PoemSinger45
18-21, F
Jan 13, 2011