My Essential Five

1. Art is a must in my life, Whether it be creating a piece of art or writing.
2.Laughter is essential aspect to my daily life. It promotes good physical and mental health. :-D
3. Love received and given is important of course.
4. The quest for knowledge, because if I stop learning, I have stopped living life.
5. Even though my spiritual beliefs are ever changing as I grow as a person, spirituality is a must in my life.
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4 Responses Jun 29, 2011

Good things but id dare list: money,gym,bed,water,food.

Couldn't agree with u more,thanx for that...

I so love that the five things you couldn't live without are not things at all!!! You are so awesome! And I think your five special things are things I couldn't live without either. Awesome post.

Brilliant post and a great selection, i happen to agree with all 5 of them! lol :D Thank you for sharing, my darling! :D