I'd Be Alive But Dead Without These

I would seriously die without thsi stuff:
1. Art( i mean manga and writing. i count writing as a type of art too)
2. My religion (what would i do without it and the faith i have in it?)
3. (My)Love (I have love which i can give to others...i dont have anyone's love,but thats kk...i hope)
4. Manga!(seriously,i would get bored to death without this stuff to read.and i would have no inspiration for new pictures)
5. A razor( No razor,no religion,no happiness)

Thers other things which are important to me,but the above 5 are absolutely essential to me. Especially the first 2.
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1 Response Nov 30, 2011

awww.....you have my love! :-D who wouldn't love you? I do! :-D

thank u :3