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As I write this I realize my five essentials today are much different than the answer I would have given 5 years ago. 1. My family. They keep me seated in reality and drive me to always be a better person. 2. To love and be loved. Without it, there is no meaning and it becomes practically impossible to get up in the morning. 3. A sense of humor. The ability to extract humor out of any given situation allows you to tolerate the most ridiculous. 4. Intellect. I didn’t say I had it but I’m always working on the quest for knowledge. 5. Peace. This trumps the others because if one has peace, even if you don’t have the others, you have acceptance for what you do have.
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Thanks for the note on yesterday's blog. I too bought a new weed eater thinking it would be lighter and simpler to use. Ha! Isn't it forever perplexing how such small things create such chaos in one's life once you are alone. I see you live in NC. I spent the first six years of my childhood there before moving north. It was my husband's and my desire to settle there after a brief stay here. I cherish the memories of those years. Life seemed so simple there then. <br />
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I was told after five years, life would be pretty good again and the memories, though still remaining, would not tear one apart so painfully. Have you found it to be so?

I actually haven't hit the 5 year mark yet (just passed 3). I have become accustomed to the loss. I don't actually believe it has become any easier. I think the worst thing for me is that I really don't want to face a future by myself. I can't seem to get past that. The problem is no one else will do. It just feels wrong. I have momentary glimpses of normalcy that give me hope. For you, I wish that none of what I just said is true and that you are able to move forward. Thanks for the reply.