These Are The Five Things I Need To Survive.....

1.) The love of a good woman. Without it, I would have no reason to keep going. (or shower, shave, change clothes, or brush my teeth)

2.) Unconditional love from a dog. Dogs fuel my soul. They see you at your worst, yet still love you.

3.) Some sort of contact with the wilderness. I can;t go very long without a trip to the woods or water. The wild places are my school, church, symphony hall, art gallery, and grocery store rolled into one.

4.) Wine is essential to life. Sometimes, the difference between good wine and lousy wine comes down to who you drink it with.

5.) A challenge every day, just to make sure I have reason, wit, and stamina. A crossword puzzle, a physical challenge, a problem to fix. Anything, so long as I am engaged and trying to adapt and overcome a problem. I have to be useful, or I shrivel and die......
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Jan 16, 2013