Completing The Circle Of Life

What matters most in my life....maybe it is time to put it into words:

1.  A soulmate that communes with my heart, mind, body and soul and me with his

2.  A sense of humor and playfulness so that I take life and others much less seriously

3.  Intimacy in all its glorious details

4.  Communing with the natural world, preferably living amidst it(I think this is where I find and connect with my higher power to fill my well and can then fill others!)

5.  Is it cheating to say food, family, and friends?  Food is definitely a must!

Skiilah Skiilah
51-55, F
4 Responses Nov 9, 2009

You know when you have finally found your soul mate. It is a feeling beyond is adoration, admiration, inspiration. A love so deep and profound that the love is em<x>bedded in your skin and runs through your veins. So trust me, you will know when you find your soul mate. It is as if it was destined to be.

Your heart feels for the first time ever so safe and at ease that you just know you could spend a lifetime in their company. You laugh, share, maybe even cry but a good cry that feels right. You trust. If you leave or attempt to leave, you feel bottomless and empty and more alone than ever before. They are like shock-therapy for your veins and a massage for your heart and the other complimentary half to your own soul. With them, you feel happiness even when hurting. With them, you know you are complete.

I am looking for my soulmate as well. I hope we all find them. I wonder how you know it's them.

Thanks, Celticknight. They say soulmates are destined to find each other, a link not bound by life, death, or time. I am trusting this is true for me. I have opened my heart and allowed the vulnerable, soft side to be exposed. One can only trust it will be reciprocated and never be is a risk I am willing to take!