yes i will tell ....jinxed be damned ;)

Yes I have five things that are as essential as air to me :

1) Love

2) Family

3) He knows who he is :)

4) Courage

5) Inner Strenghth

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(hugs LV) thank you darling ... it was nice to make it made me put things in perspective ;)

Aw! this is such a great list

thank you little lena sweetie ..:)

ohhh *grabs morbid for a tight hug* there you have been kitti hugged take that darling :) ...

hahah *hugs morbid* trust me #3 darling is a very close friend that has been there when I needed him most and always will be ....he is a darling <br />
<br />
Thank you morbid maybe later we can battle some Manhattans hmm *laughs* thank you for the comment darling

*laughs * flings garter at dark here dark from the top kitti to the top dog something to remember me by *winks and sashays to pole*

lolol *covers her mouth and blushes * okay angel darling Im standing here hose and garters singing the sound of music and pickles is on a ******** pole behind me and luci baby is running around with a nuns outfit and you still beat us all ....Im blushing darling *hides faces in hands laughing*

*runs to MM and hugs him tight* sweet MM I hope he does darling, :)<br />
<br />
thank you emotional your are as sweet as sugar as always darling *hugs emotional*

Good list kitti...Mine is similar to yours...But when you say love,where do you get love from?Friends and family right..So you dont have to say it twice!And I am sure like 2Emotional that he will be knowing this because he is on your top 5 list!!

Haha what a voice Kitti!<br />
<br />
Sorry Lucifer....that was me. I dropped Kitti's panties.

Kitti hits high note * throws garters at dark and Luc to show thanks for support ..ahh if only there was a hill I could twirl on !!!

That's what was moving between my feet on the ground!? WTF man!!!?

OMG! naughty man!!

LMAO!!! *dances with Kitti and Lucifer while moaning in harmony with Kitti*

A lighter!? *gasps in shock* Now you ladies know I am way bigger than a lighter. :) But I'll forgive you since the pole came out and SK began singing "The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Moaning"

*drools and brings out pole* No worries kitti..I'll keep you warm! ;)

*laughs* Lucifer is on a role is he not ******** me down to my garters for my nun out fit naughty thing !!! I was just about to start singing to ...the hills are alive....

Haha! Why that a lighter in your pocket..or are you just happy to see me?

................damn, how did that happen? *smiles softly as flame forms from fingertips and turns up the heat in the room. ;)

Oooh Kitti! You got me all hot and bothered again!!

Great post--couldn't agree more.

thank you cj darling ..I speak the truth homeslice *winks*

Great post.....

DAMN, my guessing is off this time. *takes nun uniform and puts it on, sings in Old Latin*

lolol yes darling how did you know *takes off nun uniform* I know everyone will think he is a lover/boyfriend , but is neither just someone very close ;) <br />
*shakes head laughing * Lucifer you are too much lolol

I wonder who he is. Is it Jesus?

*grabs Lucky and spins her around and plants a smooch on her lips * your married so *sighs and bats lashes * ;)

Aww..he is very lucky!