My Five

1. nice people - i appreciate them so much... rudeness is so deconstructive and unnecessary

2. my family - they understand and support me more than anyone else in the world...I can always be myself around them...and I am most comfortable with them versus any other people

3. chapstick - not having chapstick when i need it is torture

4. hot showers - absolutely cannot go to bed without taking a shower first. i am weird.

5. soup - i just love soup. my go-to comfort food.

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26-30, F
1 Response Nov 20, 2009

1. I love soup, too!. 2. I love deep soaks in the tub, dailey. 3. I think you should greet every creature, plant, situation and Day with a smile every time it is at all possible. 4. You should be true to the Creator - not Society/or the public. 5. I believe you should keep the Breath of Life & Love sacred and safe inside the temple of your body. Blessings, livingwell