5 Things That We Can Be

1) Something to do
2) Something to believe in
3) Someone to Love
4) Awareness
5) Compassion
        Its not so much that we (humans) are still Primal-beings, It is however, moreso, in that we don't have to be. Lets shed the catagories, the boundries, the sterio-types, the self-defeating behaviors. Lets call the kettle black when we know that it is. Lets help steer those of high self-grandure into the real world.

observerxoxo observerxoxo
51-55, M
1 Response Nov 20, 2009

I would love some help on how to steer those of high grandeur into reality. I have a few in my family. The other side to that is I find these superior beings can't feel superior unless putting others down.