Five Paths Of My Life :d

Just a quick jot down of thoughts.,


1. Self, believing in who you are and never betraying your values and self-respect.

2. Love, in the world, in the good souls who inhabit our world and feel compassion for those who don't understand how to love or treat others with respect. Not to say let yourself get walked over, but keep yourself above all that would hurt or lash out at you.

3. Art, Literature, Inspiration, this is what i live for, to create and to observe and find solace in ^^

4. Laughter, to enjoy my time on this level. Our pain is self-chosen, sometimes we can hurt, sometimes we can bleed, but we can always survive and move on to better places. That, in my opinion is the best **** you to anyone you could ever need.

5. Hot Chocolate, come on, i had to be a little less serious for this one :D Hot chocolate!!! Self-explanatory! It helps me relax and chill :)

Serenades Serenades
22-25, M
Dec 5, 2009