My 5 Essentials:

1. Belief in myself and my abilities.

2. Remaining positive no matter what comes.

3. Seeing past the obvious.

4. Being curious and trying out what's new.

5. Staying young both in mind and body.

lagalaga lagalaga
46-50, F
9 Responses Feb 4, 2010

Awesome reminder

i agree with you.

perfect attitude, too cool! ... getting on down lady.

I think that your 5 things are the best. I too try to always stay positive no matter what happens in life. It is difficult though.

I really like your five. If we at least try to embrace these and go on that premise it feels much better than the alternative. If you feel better everything in life goes better.<br />
Thanks for the reminder.<br />

i really like ur 5 things =] i too try to stay positive in my life even when things get bad

Yeah, that is the best way to handle things.
Stay positive. Make the most out of what you have
and strove to make things better

For me its hard 2 find all da things that realy metters to me and my life,sometimes i even ask myslf why did God create me if i'll suffer like this

Thanks, JodiakaSam for your comment. I like the sunshine part!

I like this! Wherever you go, take your own sunshine!!!