Living In The Fifth Dimension

Numbers really spas me out...there so goes one extremely egotistical story.

Now coffee, it seems, is a substance that I really do not want to live without...I've tried and know that it is one thing that makes life worth living.  Others around me know if it was a close friend or a cup of java dangling from a cliff... My husband told me he had a dream that we were in the subway.  He and I were on the downtown side waiting for the train, when I glanced across the tracks to find a man with a cup of starbucks.  According to him, I catapulted across the tracks, and like an evil demon dudette, I toyed with the man with the coffee...he had what i wanted and i was not going to let anything stand in my way. 

Then there was the time I was nine months pregnant.  I was getting out  of the car and in my hand I had a freshly brewed cup of Dunkin.  I somehow slipped and instead of dropping the brew so I could use my hands to break my fall, I used my belly bump.  My water broke shortly after and I gave birth to a beautiful boy---prematurely of course because of all the coffee I had during my pregnancy.

Number 2...Cigarettes...Horrible I know...I once ran out of smokes and attempted to use an old filter and a tea bag.

Number 3...Books...I love them more than many people I know.

Number 4...Cupcakes...they make me happy...Just by the way they look.

Number 5...God for creating me and others who brew,write, ice and sprinkle for a living, I owe my happiness to you.

Istheresomethingwrongwithme Istheresomethingwrongwithme
Feb 20, 2010