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For myself to have 5 things thats important in my life then number one has got to be me how I feel how I look how happy I am. If I dont have this then none of my other things in my life can or will be  important. I have to look after myself first in order to help, love other's ie my son and grand children or my friends. I cant give any one any support if I need the support myself. I have been very selfish in parts of my life now it's time to give back. Why feel sorry for myself when my health is ok, I have a nice home, a car to drive, a television all the material things which is what we do need to feel good. Then it's the emotional side and for today I feel happy and glad that Im alive. My life is ok and Im happy to be alive now. Chrissy

Chrissy53 Chrissy53
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2 Responses Mar 15, 2010

You dont need material possessions in your life to feel good. Its how you are as a person first of all.<br />
I have few if any friends and i can manage that as I do prefer my own company most of the time. The social websites suit me for any friendship.Do you have hobbies at all?. I can stay in all day in my flat and be as happy as a dog with two tails! I will play the piano for as long as I want as the neighbours cant hear it and as loud as i want. if i feel stressed (wrong word) i get in the car and bomb down the local motorway at speed which I love. Then come back home and just do whatever pleases me.<br />
Be positive in your outlook and that helps with motivation

It's never too late HermitTish to feel ok about your self. People judge you by the way you present your self on the outside first. There are still days when Im still in my pj's all day long with no thoughts of getting ready or going out. I live alone and some times its hard to motivate myself but when Im feeling 'ok' I will force myself to put on my make up, do my hair and go out. Once im out its a great feeling to leave the flat. So try it, I wished there were 'friends ' like you living near me to go out with. :)