How To Flirt With A Man – The Push And Pull Technique

If you’d walk away from your computer and learn only one flirting technique – you better learn the ‘push and pull’ technique.


So what is this ‘push and pull’ technique? And how is this related on how to flirt with a man?


Here’s an illustration to help you see it in a better light. Take a look at the cat and grab a string. Wave that string in front of the cat and see your pet’s eyes bulge as it goes after the string.


Pull it away from the cat and wave it in front of him again. Soon you’ll notice that no matter how many times you do it – wave it and pull it away…your cat won’t grow tired of running after it.


How to flirt with a man works in a very similar manner. You have to make him chase you and want you badly. BUT at the same time, don’t be too available or else he’ll lose interest and dismiss you as someone easy to get.


Don’t get me wrong though – always making him chase will make him grow tired as well. That’s why it’s called the push and pull technique, you MUST learn when to push yourself towards him and when to pull away.


This is a very powerful tip on how to flirt with a man and I’ll be showing you some brief examples.


How To Flirt With A Man Example 1

Observe flirting-experts at a bar.


These ladies will consistently steal gazes with the man they like until their eyes meet. And when they do, they make it in such a way that a simple eye contact will convey their interest and shyly look away.


And the next thing you’ll know, they guy will get up from their seats and approach the gal.


How To Flirt With A Man Example 2

When a man and woman are flirtatiously talking, you’ll hear the woman bring up a steamy topic, spill out her say about it…and STOP.


She’s giving him something to talk and flirt about BUT nothing more. She stops – giving the guy the chance to chase her by continuing the topic.




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