How To Make A Guy Jealous – 3 Tricks That Never Fail

So you want to see the man you’re eyeing for turning all green…you want to know how to make a guy jealous?


The reasons why a woman would want to know how to make a guy jealous is almost countless.


It could be because they want their ex boyfriend back. Or maybe they want to grab his attention – the man that they adore. Perhaps she just wants to make sure that the man she’s with truly cares for her.


Did I mention the reasons are almost endless?!


Whatever your personal reason is, I know how it feels to be in a never-ending search for tips and tricks on how to make a guy jealous and NOT finding them.


BUT that ends here! Let me spill down 3 tricks on how to turn your man into a green-eyed monster…making sure that he’ll stick with you all the time and would fight to get your attention.


Let’s bring these tricks to the plate!


How To Make A Guy Jealous Trick 1: Have fun!


If you’re going to make your man jealous for you, you better turn your attention to other things aside from him.


Get out there with your friends ad start doing the things you gals love doing the most. You can and MUST enjoy things like – watching movies, partying, sleeping over one of your friend’s place, etc.


Just keep this in mind – HAVE FUN.


How To Make A Guy Jealous Trick 2: Turn yourself into someone worth chasing for.


A guy will only be jealous if they want someone that another guy also wants. And that means being attractive and appealing to men in general.


This may involve visiting the gym regularly, eating the right kind of foods, etc. – anything that will keep you in great shape.


Not to mention you get the attention of the other males which will make him want you more.


How To Make A Guy Jealous Trick 3: Get out there and date someone else!


Remember, a guy will only chase you and be jealous if another man has also set your sights on you. Dating someone else create that situation.


Who knows, dating another guy might land you with a better partner.




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10 Responses May 15, 2010

if your happy and confident in yourself you don't need to do all this. men love this in a women plus if you think you have to make someone jealous maybe that person not worth being with in the first place ?

Ok so I have a question.. ive been dating a guy for two months, weve known each other for a while, a couple days ago at a siblings birthday party he left me his phone and something told me just go through it so I did, its very wrong of me to do and I know that but I couldn't help it and when I was going through his messages I found naked pics of other girls, is it normal for me to be getting jealous? Its killing me inside to know his talking to other girls but am I tripping?

As a male (man) I can only say to all women that to try to make your husband / man / boyfriend or whatever jealous will more than likely give him the assurance that you are unfaithful untrustworthy and or manipulative or confused. It may make him count his loses and look else where. To me these tricks tactics are child play. Little kids who are selfish & want to have their way throw tantrums and act selfish to get what they want. Here is the best advice for all women: GROW UP!

Right! But men can play mind-games all they want? You're a hypocrite.
How about all men grow the fck up? Loser.

Women are Gods gift to mankind. Without women the world cannot revolve. Therefore women have the natural ability to set the pace for relationships and marriages. Women are natural motivators recognize your influence (power) that is within.

Power without knowledge is dangerous to self & others.

i think you make a boy jealous by dating another guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but he'll think she's a ***** !

You are absolutely correct

I wonder about when a kid playing around on me and another boy, that we are so cute together, etc., and told him that I think of him .. so I wonder if he was kidding then, if he likes me? He will take me all the time and do everything and come closer to me.

Well u have to believe in yourself like just say what u do or ask him if he wants to go to a movie or something else that's fun ask him on a note or u should look very pretty or makeup day where shirts and pretty things and get with a different boy to date then walk past him and he'll get jealous

He\'ll probaly get jealous or a better description would be he\'ll get pissed off for being disrespected and move on. I know I would.

No need to do any of these tricks, live life for your own self. For once pay attention to your own inner self. The more u want a guy to run after you. The more then the relationship will turn into getting attention n all those dramas. Looking good should be for You not for getting guys. Be your self, love yourself fallow ur goals, n one of your goals should be, being pure n being connected to yoyr very inner self.

didnt help

What if you WANT her to date other men? Wouldn't that backfire?