How To Make Your Boyfriend Happy – The Only One Thing You Must Do And One Thing You Must Avoid

“How to make your boyfriend happy?”


One way or another, you’ll end up asking that inquiry which has been asked by women from all four corners of the globe.


Whether it’s your first long-term and serious relationship or it’s your 15th, you want it to be satisfying and fulfilling for both you and your boyfriend.


After all, if you’re thinking only about how you can be happy inside the relationship and you’re shoving your man’s needs to the side, it will only be a matter of time before he leaves.


Now here’s the bad news – asking your boyfriend what would make him happy won’t cut it. How come?


Here’s why – men aren’t emotional creatures. They’re the sex who’d use raw facts and figures rather than their instincts or ‘feel’ when dealing with different situations.


That’s precisely the reason why asking them straight away won’t do. They have a hard time dealing with their own emotions…let alone put them in words!


BUT that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do about it.


Through thousands of polls and interviews along with the help of psychologists and relationship doctors, finally, it has been figured out what is the Number One thing a man looks for in a relationship.


How To Make Your Boyfriend Happy – One Thing A Girlfriend MUST Do

I want this to be straightforward – a happy girlfriend keeps a boyfriend happy.


You’ve read that right. If you show how your man how joyful you are being his girlfriend, he’ll stay. It’s NOT about your looks or your openness to sex (though these 2 still matter). It’s ultimately how you behave when you’re together.


For a man, his formula for measuring how worthwhile a relationship is if his girlfriend compliments him, smiles when he’s around, etc.


How To Make Your Boyfriend Happy – What You MUST Avoid Like Plague

With that in mind, there is one thing you should avoid doing at all costs…Nagging.


Nagging whenever he makes a slight and insignificant error shows that you don’t appreciate for who he is and that you’re NOT happy being with him.


It’s of little wonder why nagging is the fastest and deadliest killer of a man’s love and interest for a woman.




By the way, did you know that so many women make their own lives and relationships harder than they need to be by not learning the basic foundations of how men view love, connection, attraction and relationships?

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4 Responses May 15, 2010

I like how a woman's nagging is seen as the "killer" of the relationship and not the man's chronic laziness and inability to follow through on a single obligation which so often gives rise to the nagging.

Although I'm not one who agrees with the whole ''do's and dont's'' i do like this story. and i will give it a try. <br />
<br />
Also, Shadowy...<br />
<br />
She has to be your plum pie, your sidekick, the cream in your coffee, the star of your sky, the spin to your top, your jane, your afrodite, your right arm and above all, your other half. :D

Is there anything about making the girlfriend happy?

All that and frequent sex. BJ's are a great bonding experience. P***y eating helps to build a relationship. Frequent mutual praise and appreciation giving really build a re;ationship.