How To Seduce A Man – 4 Tips That Won’t Fail To Get Him Chase You

So you’re one of the ladies who have this modern thinking that it’s NOT always a man’s business to make the first seductive and romantic move?


Hats down to you! Not a lot of ladies are able to think that way. Not to mention how great a guy feels when a woman takes the time to learn how to seduce a man and makes the first sexy move.


Anyway, let’s NOT waste time. I know you’re on an important mission – to know the in’s and out’s of how to seduce a man. And in light of that, I’ll be revealing some nice tips that will get you going on the right direction.


How To Seduce A Man 1: Having the right body language can do so much on making a man like you.




Here’s the reason – standing straight and walking chin up is a sign of confidence. And as we all know, being confident is attractive both to men and women.


How To Seduce A Man 2: Hold eye contact when talking.


This conveys that you’re NOT feeling even the slightest dint of uneasiness and that you’re comfortable talking to someone.


Very few men and women are able to do this and once you’ve successfully held your eye contact with the man you desire, you immediately separate yourself from the rest.


How To Seduce A Man 3: Men are visual creatures in general, let’s admit it.


Knowing how to keep your body in good shape, getting those curves, and having the right dress to compliment it can do wonders.


That is NOT to say that you should be half-naked when you’re talking to him. Instead, dress in a way that leaves something for him to imagine about.


How To Seduce A Man 4: Advance physically with small gestures like sitting beside him or tapping his hands when you’re talking.


For some reason, men seem to have a built-in sensor that tells them what you feel when you have physical contact with them. Doing so will let you know if he feels the same and will enable you to step it up or back off for a minute if needed be.



By the way, did you know that so many women make their own lives and relationships harder than they need to be by not learning the basic foundations of how men view love, connection, attraction and relationships?

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