How To Catch And Keep Him - 8 Steps In Catching Him And Making Sure He Stays There!

Summary: Do you know how to catch and keep a man? Most women know one but not the other. Read on to ensure that you know both.


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Let’s imagine that you’re smart, quite good-looking, have a decent job but not exactly the best when it comes to men. You can talk to them on a professional basis, some of your friends are guys but you just don’t know how to catch a man. This will change, because catching a man isn’t as hard as it advertised to be.


The first thing you have to know in catching a man is the location. This is crucial in determining a long-term commitment, if you’re looking for one, that is. Make sure you choose the right spots when trying to pick up guys. If you look at the bar, you might end up with an alcoholic. If you try the casino, you’ll get a compulsive gambler. If you met him at the lingerie shop, then he’s not single and worse, he’s a cheating lying person. That is definitely not how to catch a man.


Catch a man in the most innocent places. Try your local coffee shop for instance. That is where most of the good guys are likely to be. If you don’t want to start dating a total stranger, try somewhere where the people are more familiar. The workplace or lecture hall is the safest option because most of you know each other. That way, you can ask your friends about the man that catches your eye.


So now that you found your man, you have to get him to ask you out. Most women, being old-fashioned and ignorant of how to catch a man, believe men should make the first move. This is true in most cases, but when the situation calls for it, the female should step up to the plate. The guy in question might not even notice you if you don’t make yourself noticeable.


Start with something simple like smiling and saying hi. If he smiles back, it means he acknowledges your presence. Then, move on to the actual conversation. Find a valid reason to talk to him. You can talk about anything ranging from work to current issues. This will give you an idea on his true personality. It might also help you avoid potentially embarrassing situations. He might be gay, for example. So, use this opportunity to know him well enough before going out with him.


You can also borrow something from him. This is a good technique in how to catch a man. This ensures a second meeting when you are returning the item.  Repetitively seeing him will give him a chance to ask you out. It might not happen straightaway and if you’re not the patient type, it’s not a bad idea to ask him out yourself. Some men like the bold approach, but you have to be careful though; some might think it’s a blow to their manhood.


Congratulations. You finally caught your man. Now comes the hard part – getting him to stay. You have to know how to keep a man and that might or might not be difficult, depending on the situation.


Some women instantly know how to keep a man, because both of them are considered right for each other. Other couples need more work before they can achieve that status. And it is the period leading up to that that can likely ruin your relationship. But, it is possible to prevent any problems from happening.


Makes sure you are not overbearing on him. Men don’t like women who are too possessive on them, especially if they just started dating. That is not the way on how to keep a man. Resist the urge to snub any of his lady friends who seem a bit too friendly with him. If you feel uncomfortable about his sociable encounters with women, tell him. If he is a real man, he’ll understand. If he doesn’t, then he has no business being your boyfriend.


Most women who know how to keep a man say that in keeping a man, you have to know his friends. They play an important part in his decision-making. If they take a liking to you, it will reduce the chances of him dumping you. Make an effort to know them by having parties, going out in groups and exchanging phone numbers. Call his friends if your boyfriend does not pick up the phone. This will show them that you care about him.


These tips will only get you so far in catching and keeping a man. What you need most is confidence and understanding towards your man. Don’t be too disillusioned if he is not the guy you were hoping him to be. Just remember that there is someone out there for everyone. 



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