How To Get A Guy To Like You The Way You Want

Modern women nowadays are in every level of industry and government available. There are women presidents, scientists and artists. Despite this, most, if not every woman will be sure to have relationship problems. This is one facet of life anyone, no matter how successful or high-ranking she is, will face.


How to get a guy to like you? That’s a question the majority of women would ask. Your life always seem to be in limbo and monotonous if you don’t have someone to share it with. Fortunately for those reading this article, below are several steps that may remedy this problem.


1) Look after yourself


To first tip you need to know about getting guys to notice you is too take care of your looks. You don’t have to drop-dead gorgeous to be spotted in a crowd. You just have to be pleasant-looking to the eyes of guys.


There is no need to undergo expensive and unnecessary surgery. In this day and age, natural beauty is all the rage. If you want to be noticed at the office, wear minimal makeup that will actually enhance your natural looks. Instead of lipstick, wear lip gloss. Instead of having your hair premed and pressed, just allow it to grow naturally.


2) Stay Healthy


Another thing you have to do is to exercise. This doesn’t just apply to the plus-sized women out there. If you’re excessively thin to the point of boniness, you have to fill yourself out. Have a healthy and balanced diet that actually suits your body. You should consult a nutritionist on this.


It’s not just important to get healthy, but also stay that way. There have been many cases of women who have lean and mean bodies but that all faded away after their first pregnancy. But, they all already have husbands, so I guess it doesn’t matter.


3) Safety First


Now, in knowing how to get a guy to like you, you cannot be complacent and forgo your own safety. Don’t be too desperate in wanting a boyfriend too much that you accept the first offer you get, even if it’s from someone who just met.


This is because of several reasons. Primarily, the guy who asked you out could just want nothing but to get you drunk and in bed. So, unless you’re just looking for one-night stand with no strings attached, don’t be too lenient to guys. In short, be choosy.


4)  Don’t worry, be happy


You must not be discouraged if your efforts go unnoticed. Don’t keep asking yourself how to get a guy to like you. Maintain a positive outlook on life and always smile in the face of disappointment. Smiling is actually less work for your facial muscles than frowning. Plus, smiling makes your face more amiable and approachable.


There you have it! These tips may or may not work straight away. You just have to be patient and not get too worked up if things don’t go to plan. Always remember tip number 4 and don’t worry too much.



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