How To Date A Man And Not Mess It Up – 8 Powerful Tips To Date Men And Not Mess It Up

To any woman reading this article, please forgive me if the tips given do not aid you in your interactions with the opposite sex. I’m just a regular guy who happened to have experienced my fair share of women and can give you a general idea on how to date a man. I understand that in a relationship, no matter how brief, both sides play their part. This article shows you how you can play yours in dating a man.


1.   Feel comfortable, feel confident


So, you’re on your way to dating your man.  Like any other woman, you’ll worry about your appearance. If this man is something special, you’ll be spending the entire afternoon picking out your outfit. This is normal and expected of any woman.  You should pick clothes which fit the occasion. If you’re going bowling, wear jeans. If you’re going to a fancy restaurant, wear a dress. Decide whether you want to wear something sexy or decent. The final outcome should be based solely on your personal dressing preferences. Just make sure you’re relaxed and do not wear anything which will make you uncomfortable. If you don’t want to wear heels, wear sneakers.


2.   Natural sparkle


Keep makeup to a minimum. Natural beauty is all the rage among people nowadays. The man you’re dating isn’t going out with a heavily made-up version of yourself. He wants to see the face that is hiding behind that inch-thick makeup powder. Use a suitable perfume and don’t spray too much of it. Another important note is not to do the exact opposite. When dating a man, don’t show up with bags under your eyes and your hair tousled like you just got up from bed.


3.   Be yourself


When you’re meeting him, you might feel nervous and awkward. This is the time when you feel that you have no idea on how to date a man. These moments are always there and it’s considered normal. They say the more awkward you feel, the stronger your feelings are for each other. Just try to stay calm and be yourself. The main idea is dating someone who clicks with your true self. Don’t be too overwhelming on your first date and respond to his words. Saying ‘thank you’ is more than enough when he comments on your looks.


4.   Have lots of fun


To date a man, make sure both of you have fun. Don’t do anything that would be enjoyable to only one of you. If he wants to do something else which you don’t want to, tell him that and suggest an alternative. Make sure there is clear communication between the both of you so there won’t be any arguments later. And don’t be too fussy about keeping him happy. If he’s not enjoying himself, he’ll tell you.


5.   Don’t rush for the bed


Now, what you’re about to read next might seem like something that your parents would say, but it is necessary. When you’re dating a man, don’t be in a hurry to sleep with him. If you’re looking for some fun instead of a commitment, then ignore the next few paragraphs. But if you’re looking for a long-term relationship with a decent guy, please read on.


6.   Be careful with spikers


Obviously, there are men out there who are just looking for one-night stands and are willing to do anything to just get you in bed. This includes, drugging your drinks, getting you drunk, sweet-talking you and plenty of other methods. This is not the case with most men, but it wouldn’t hurt to take some precautions.


7.   You are what you are in


Make sure you dress appropriately.  I know women today want to dress to kill, but what you wear reflects who you are. This might sound a bit motherly, but you have to know how to date a man the safest way possible. Dressing provocatively sends the wrong signals to the guy. Also, try not to have too much alcohol. Your date would not want to see the tipsy side of yourself and if he does, he shouldn’t be your date. Like any other woman, you’ll probably want to take him to bed, but save it when you know him a little better.


8.   Decide when you should leave


Now this is for those who feel that their date is going to end up horribly wrong. This happens when the man is becoming loud, uncouth and rude. Being a lady, you should probably stick it out to the end. But if he’s being too boozy and abusive, you should definitely leave him and go home. The safest way, if you didn’t bring your car, is to call a cab. If he offers you a ride, don’t accept. He might take you somewhere else. And don’t walk home all alone at night. It’s a good idea to tell someone that you’re going out beforehand and to call when you’re done. At least, someone will know if something goes wrong.


These tips might or might not help you when you’re dating a man. Don’t be too disappointed when the man you’re dating isn’t your type. Just remember to have fun and be yourself.



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