Is He Attracted To Me? 4 Ways To Know

There were signs and suggestions. There was just something in the way he looked at you whenever you are around. Somewhere deep down, you have the feeling that he is interested in you. But, how to be sure? A man will always leave tell-tale signs if they are attracted to a woman. So, you can stop asking people the question, ‘Is he attracted to me?’ Just, follow these steps and find out for yourself.


1) Seeing more of him


If a guy likes you, it’s most likely that you will be seeing him more. A guy will always try to see the woman his interested in as many times as possible. This could be for any number of reasons. He could be, God forbid, a stalker who gets his kicks from following you to your car, trying to show you off to his friends, or, in most cases, just wants to have a look at your face before the day ends.


Try to find out from friends or people around you if he’s staring at you for long periods of time. It’s fun to catch him gaping at you, but try not to let him know that you know. It might scare him off.


2) His behavior


Most men will try to be their best around women, especially those that they are attracted to. If he’s always nice whenever you’re with him, don’t jump to conclusions yet. Ask yourself first, ‘Is he interested in me?’ and observe him. His apparent kindness could be just the way he is around anybody, male or female.


Find out from his friends and acquaintances whether if he’s always like the way he is around you. Of several things he does, you should pay attention to the actions he does for you, such as opening doors or pulling out chairs. In a conversation, watch how he participates. Does he listen and agree with most of your words? Or does he counter them with words of his own?


3) Appearance


This goes without saying, men and women will always want to look their best in front of the opposite sex. Looking good always makes a good first impression and it could be the catalyst to an attraction between two people. Although this doesn’t apply to all men, they will constantly go for clothes that will accentuate their bodies. Not greatly but, just enough to attract a woman’s eye.


Find out how he looks like when he’s not around you and compare to how he looks like when you’re with him. If he dresses better, puts on perfume and shaves every time he’s with you, then you’ll know the answer to the question, ‘Is he attracted to me?’


If you’re not sure, here is a fun little test you can do. Tell him you like a shirt he’s wearing when you’re meeting him. If he’s really into you, he’ll wear it again whenever he’s meeting you. If you really want to make sure, buy him a really hideous shirt and see whether he wears it.


4) Subtle hints


There is a dictionary’s worth of sentences guys use to ask girls to go on a date. They could be said in a nonchalant manner, expressed confidently or blurted out nervously. How they ask you out depends totally on the guy. But, sometimes the signals don’t get picked up by the women and this will really blow the chances of him asking you out again.


So, what you need to do is to pick out certain words he says and how he says it. If he keeps going on about an event during the weekend, that means he wants to go to it with you. If he invites a group of friends to a movie via text message and personally called you; that means his main intention was to ask you out on a date but got scared and called up friends for security.


So, there you have it! Those are the ways to know if men are interested in you. The next time you ask the question, ‘Is he attracted to me?’ don’t dread the answer. For all you know, he might be asking himself the same question




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