Top 3 Signs That He Is Attracted To You

You do not know whether he is really attracted to you, but you know for sure that you are. Of course, it has to be both ways. So you need to look out for signs that he is attracted to you. This is where this article comes in.


It is actually quite easy to tell whether he is attracted to you or not. You just have to look for signs that he is attracted to you. The problem is when you look too hard; you may see things that are not really there. As well, when you think too hard, you may miss what is actually there. Just take it easy and stay balanced and you quickly get a feel of where you stand.


Here are some signs that he is attracted to you:

1. He makes a little more effort to ‘bump’ into you

2. You catch him looking at you admiring you

3. Wants to stay on the good side with you


There are in fact, more signs but the above list should be digestible enough for you to get a picture. In other words, he seems to find a way to further know you, but he may be subtle about it for fear of rejection or just to be courteous. As long as you don’t try to think too hard, you should be able to go by your feelings. The problem is when you think too hard, you may exaggerate things for yourself to suit yourself, but this is self deception.


If there are no signs or that you can feel he is not really attracted to you in this romantic way, then it is up to you to initiate. You don’t really have to do anything drastic like confessing. People tend to mess things up when they are in haste. Things can progress more naturally if you make it gradual.


Since you are the most important person in this situation, next to him, you should be able to feel it out. Therefore, you are in a good position to tell what he is ready for. Imagine confessing at a time when he does not expect it at all or when you know that he will respond negatively, you will be just setting up yourself for rejection.


If only you do things at the right timing, you will find yourself winning more often than not, and so will the other person. After all, you may indeed be the right person for him. This assumes that you are at least presentable in appearance and personality.


It may help to look for signs of his interest towards you, but this is not the most important part. Even if he is yet to be interested in you, you can find a way to make him. Just be natural and timely, and you will indeed soon see the signs that he is attracted to you.



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