Is He Attracted To Me? Read His Body Language And His Signs Of Attraction To Know For Sure!

  It happens to the best of us. There’s always someone out there who looks at you strangely, and who always seem to want to say something to you but can’t quite manage it. These people who behave in such a way are admirers who are enamored with you. And women usually seem to have more of them than men.

‘Is he attracted to me?’ That is perhaps the most common question a woman will have running through their minds when a person has the aforementioned behavior. But how do you make sure that they guy is actually interested in you? What are the methods needed to know for sure that the man is interested in you without asking him outright? Well, believe it or not, there are certain tell tale signs you can look out for that will answer your questions.

1) The first signs

  It’s hard to believe in love at first sight. It’s even harder when you’re living in a world where cheating men and manipulative boyfriends seem to thrive. However, you cannot deny that you’ve had (or hope to have) the single electric moment when you locked eyes into someone and instinctively felt something there.

  Although you’re hardly likely to these love-at-first-sight moments with the guy in question, it is possible to have the lesser versions of it. You only need to look him in the eye (it could even be from a distance) and see for yourself what kind of emotions that are evident. And even though it’ll take a few tries, you’ll soon have an idea to whether this man is attracted to you or not.

2) Appearances matter

  One would always try to look their best in front of someone they’re trying to impress. It’s especially evident in men. They would often try to make themselves look better when they have a lady in their lives. Otherwise, they would just wallow in their own filth.

  You will notice the gradual changes he makes as time passes. Maybe he’ll get a new hairstyle. He’ll probably start using beauty products. He’ll possess a new set of clothes in his wardrobe. And the strange thing is; he’ll adopt his new look only when you’re around.

3) Gossip

  Yes, this activity which has been the tradition of anyone between the ages of 10 to 100 can be used to your advantage. If your man has expressed his desires about you towards his friends, it will eventually reach your ears. This is because guys aren’t so different from women. They tend to talk about other people too, albeit in a more platonic way. 



   His friends can also be used to answer the ‘Is he attracted to me?’ question. Who can better know a person aside from his family and close friends? Also, he’ll be bound to tell someone about his feelings for you. Even if he doesn’t, his friends will notice his strange behavior whenever you’re around.

5) Body language

  The body responds to the brains thoughts and the heart’s desires. Every twitch and gesture is caused by electrical stimulation and hormones. So, engage in a conversation and see how they react. If someone is nervous, they’ll fidget with their collar. If they’re looking away, they’re shy. Individually, they mean almost nothing. But if you put them together, you’ll be able to see.

  The pursuit of love can be quite tiring and sometimes devastating. However, you should be always prepared and think positively. So, the next time you see someone looking at you in a strange way and always appearing nervous in front of you. Ask yourself the question, ‘Is he attracted to me?’


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May 16, 2010