How To Get A Guy To Ask You Out : Here Are The 5 Powerful Steps Which Always Work !

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  We all have the same problem. For men, it’s always about how to ask a certain lady friend to go on a date. For women, it’s always about how to get a guy to ask you out. Well, this article is about the latter, an issue faced by dozens of women everywhere. It’s not all about being noticeable or pretty, so read on and follow the steps.

1) Do your homework

  The first thing you have to do is to find out as much as you can about the guy in question. These might help you in knowing how to get a guy to ask you out. He might already be taken. He might not be into you. He might even be gay. So, ask around casually to ensure that you’re not making a mistake. If you feel that your actions make you a bit of a stalker, don’t worry. He’s probably doing the same thing you are.

  This only works for women who already have a certain guy in mind. If your options are not restricted to one guy, you can forgo this step and move on to the next.

2) Look your best

  It’s surprising to know that there are quite a number of women out there with low self-esteem. And they almost always feel that all hope is lost once physical appearance is involved. So, if you fall into this category of women, don’t worry too much. All of us have our own kind of beauty which can be obtained without undergoing a major life-changing surgery. There’s a certain facet in every individual that appeals to the opposite sex and you only need to develop that particular side of yourself in order to get a guy to ask you out.

3) Be nice

  This might seem like a majorly dumb advice. However, you’ll be surprised at the amount of insults and profanities the average working-class female utters daily. Half of the male population is scared of beautiful woman with an ugly nature. (The other half is turned on by this type of women, but I digress) So, put on a smile, be kind and you‘ll be rewarded amply.

4) Be confident

  This particular step is inextricably linked to the second step. Once you’re in the correct look, you’ll immediately feel self-assured. However, if you feel awkward and inferior, it’ll instantly cast a shadow on your image. And this will repel any man, no matter how good you look.  

5) Don’t try so hard

  The key to everything, attracting men included, is moderation. Don’t be so single-minded and focused on getting a man that you forget everything else. If you try so hard to please someone, you’ll come across as needy and desperate. This commonly attracts the type of guys you wouldn’t want; manipulative and those who take advantage. And the usual result to that is that you’ll get hurt, either emotionally or physically. But, that is considered as worst-case scenario. Just remember to keep it simple and an opportunity will present itself to you.


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