How To Get Your Man Back - 3 Proven Steps In Attracting Back His Heart!

There are a lot of couples who strive hard in getting into a relationship but unfortunately only some of them know how to maintain it. As for women, they only think that men should pay more attention and care towards them but not the other way round. This is the main problem that makes a relationship deteriorate and eventually the love will diminish day by day. So, how to get your man back? Here, get to know more secrets in attracting guys.


Reflect on your relationship


As time passed by, you will be able to understand your relationship better. Always ask yourself and reflect back the initiatives and effort you put into making the relationship long lasting. Is there anything wrong and how did it happened? Make a qualitative judgment and sensible plan on how to get your man back – to win his heart back. If you feel that you have neglected your man, you must arrange to spend more time with him so as to show that you still put your priority in this relationship. A powerful way in attracting guys is to make them feel appreciated. You can also do things that he loves to see. For example, if he loves your cooking, you may want to cook some of his favorite dishes during a dinner date. This is even better than having a candlelight dinner at a high class restaurant. Although it is a simple meal but it’s the effort that counts.


Be a better you


There are a lot of cases where the women pretended to be polite and graceful at first when getting into a relationship. At first, you try to hide all your bad habits and pretended to be a sweet looking woman. But after you got into a relationship, you started to show your real personality. When this happened, your man will start to lose his interest in you. To secure a long lasting relationship, you will have to learn to be a better person – a caring and lovely woman. A pleasant personality will definitely attract your man and this is how you get your man back. Guys are easily attracted to a well-mannered woman.


Be a romantic woman


Not only women love to be romanced but men also need some sense of romance from women. Once in a while you can try to arrange a special date with your man such as a romantic dinner with a late night movie. On special occasions such as Birthday or Valentine’s Day, you can make a card for him with your own words. Don’t ever try to copy and paste any poem or quote from the Internet but instead use your own words in creating a sweet and lovely card for him. Although it may not sound as nice as those magic words that you get from the Internet, but your own words represent your sincerity. This is also one of the secrets in attracting your man.

To get back your man is all about your effort and initiative. If you want to have an ever lasting relationship with your Mr. Right, you must learn to contribute and participate. Instead of nagging him to come back to you, it is better for you to reflect back yourself and try to spice up your relationship from time to time.



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May 16, 2010